Saturday November 23, 2002
Saddleback Mountain Trail Marathon race
"Toughest Marathon in California"
(Starting elevation of 3,300 feet with 3,877 feet of ascents!)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

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Orange County was solid overcast (as seen while climbing on the road to Blue Jay after turning off  the Ortega Highway). Once above the clouds, the sky was clear and crisp! Perfect running weather.

Time for those last minute stretches, twists and bends moments before the race begins.
Randy Davis, RND Running Inc., gives the runners their last minute race instructions.
Michelle Barton says "OK, Dad - wish me luck!"
A tad past 8 AM and Boom! (or was that honk, honk) And 100 toughened trail runners are on their way!
Off they go!
Everyone's friends - Vicki and Randy Davis, RND Running Inc., get a short break before having to start the 8:15 AM 8k fun run down the Chiquita loop trail.
Sorry honey, no time for romance - we have a 8k race to start!"

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