Friday September 6, 2002
Bob Johnson and Doug head to Newport Beach to see the BIG waves!

On our 50 cent "cruise" from Balboa island to the Peninsula.

Sailboat approaching.
Sailboat ready to ram us!
Doug on Balboa Pier.  Some 5 foot waves in the background.  We HAD to go to Ruby's at the tip of the pier and have peanut butter and Oreo shakes!
Lots of fish being caught off the pier today!
Bob on the pier (looking North).
Also enjoying the pier!
Honkin big wave as seen from the pier.  A 12 footer?
Waves crashing in as seen from the shore. 
Bob and I walked the length of the beach to "The Wedge" where all the surfer dudes go to catch the big waves. Lots of people were hanging out with cameras ready today. 
A mere 6 foot wave.

Where were those 20 foot waves the newspaper was promising for today?  Apparently that hurricane coming up from Mexico pooped out.

Burbling surf.
The "Catalina Flyer" Catamaran coming right at us as we cross back to Balboa Island on the ferry.

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