August 9, 2002
Cycling to Malibu Beach

Friday night, after a 95 mile day,  we met at Malibu Beach RV Park.  It was up some 300 feet above the ocean on the other side of Pacific Coast Highway.  One more day of riding left.
Doug's tent sent up near the edge of the cliff.

SF to LA Statistics


Total Distance (miles) Average Speed (mph)
SF's GG Bridge to Half Moon Bay 36 36 13.0
To Sunset Beach 64 100 14.0
To Pfeiffer Big Sur 66 166 14.0
To Morro Bay 99 265 13.0
To El Capitan 105 370 13.5
To Malibu 95 465 14.5
To Irvine (home) 75 540 14.5
Saturday August 10th.
Doug arrived home in Irvine bit after 1 PM after starting that last 75 miles at 7:30 AM from Malibu.  Time enough to take a shower, a nap and mow the lawn before the "End of the ride" and "Hi to Alan & Carol" pizza party at 5 PM!

Bob Johnson and Dick Sar (Buddies that have each summited Mt. Whitney with me twice).
Long time running buddy Jim McElroy and wife Cassandra.  17 people in total were at the party.
Dave and Dolly Ross.  Dave is a retired professional photographer who has been doing my invention photography since way back in the Evel Knievel days.
Gene Langworthy and Ray.  Gene (also a fellow runner) owned AeroChem, Inc., where I consulted 4 days a week back in the early 1980's.  Sold it to Ducommon.  Retired way up in the hills of San Clemente overlooking the ocean.  AeroChem made all kinds of aerospace chemically machined parts for the Space Shuttle, jet fighter aircraft, cruise missiles, racing yachts, race cars, etc.

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