Wednesday August 7, 2002
Cycling to Morro Bay.

Early morning ocean fog along the coast.
As soon as you exit the Big Sur campsite you face an immediate 1,000 foot elevation climb. Stomp, stomp, puff, puff! Then a fun, fast descent all the way back down to the ocean level - super scenic (I hit 41 mph a few times that day!)

A picture of my bike!

Had three more major climbs that day - two to 700 feet and the last to about 800 feet.

Another scenic overlook AND another picture of my bike.
What is THIS? 
This became my worst nightmare of the trip!  After that first 1,000 foot climb, I noticed a single frayed end to my derailleur shifter cable.  After another hour of cycling I felt two broken strands!  Couldn't last much longer and I had 3 hills to go.  If it failed - I would be stuck in high gear and WALKING up the steep hills.  Where were Alan & Carol & the RV when I need a lift?  No luck. At 71 miles out for the day (and well past the major hills) I stopped in little Cambria and FOUND a bike shop.  Whew!  $2 Cable replaced and on my way in 1/2 hour.
Continued happily on to Morro Bay State Park from Cambria.  Another 28 miles for a 99 mile total for the day. 

My friends, Dr. Mark Rusczycky and wife Nancy came from their home in Arroyo Grande to join us for a party evening.

Strawberry Margaritas and our daily toast to Margaret.
View of Morro Rock.

Dr. Mark and Alan inside the restaurant in town where we had great fish and chips.

Nancy and Carol.
The fog rolled in and entirely hid Morro Rock.
The next day's ride was 105 miles to the El Capitan State Park some 10 miles North of Santa Barbara.  Alan and Carol passed me a mere two blocks from the turnoff to the park.  I caught them at the park's registration booth.

We went to the ranger's evening presentation that night.  They passed out 3D glasses to everyone and we got to see a fantastic ocean slide show.  Spectacular underwater scenes of plant and animal life - all in great 3D!  Very different than the usual fireside presentation.

Alan pours the last of the fresh Strawberry Margaritas carefully.  After this it will be back to "plain old ordinary" Margaritas after each day's ride.
Doug chugalugging.  Ah yes - it has just the right delicate bouquet... with just a hint of fruitiness. Alan you did an masterfully magnificent  job as usual!

Glug, glug - more please.

Another short walk to the beach for sunset and watching the waves splash in.

We saw several otters and seals frolicking in the surf that evening.

Alan and Carol kiss just as the sun passes their lips!
Talk about a cool romantic sunset shot!

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