Sunday August 4, 2002
Cycling to Half Moon Bay.

Doug and John took a short break to watch the Hang Glider people soar along the cliffs at Fort Funston.

Alan & Carol.

That night, we stayed at Pelican Point RV Park just past the town of Half Moon Bay . 

We all did the short hike to the Ocean as the sun began to set.

John Cole on the cliff just above the shore.
John, Carol and Alan.
Alan and Doug
Alan and Carol stroll along the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
Just a quarter of a mile up the coast was a brand new giant oceanfront Ritz Carlton that did not exist the last time I did this trip.  As we walked over to check it out, we heard a bagpipe!  It was not our imagination. 
On the weekends the Ritz hires a bagpiper to serenade all for 15 minutes or so just as the sun is setting.  Very nice touch!  I have it all on video.
Monday August 5th.
Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the early morning.  John and I met Alan & Carol for breakfast at the old and very nice CASH STORE in Davenport (just before Santa Cruz).  John Cole headed home on his own just a short time later - up the steep Bonny Doon road.
That night we stayed at Sunset Beach State park, just North of Monterey and Carmel.  Another evening sunset stroll.
Doug silhouetted as the sun sets at Sunset Beach.  One of my favorite places.
Tuesday August 6th.

First a three hour ride from Sunset beach to Carmel.  Then a fun lunch break and visits with old friends at the Rio Grille in Carmel.  Here with Carol and Alan.

With Jim and Sheila Lindgren.
I have known Jim since the early 1960's when fellow U of Illinois alumni, Wayne Madsen, and I rented rooms from him in Palo Alto in his ultra California Eichler home.  I was attending nearby Stanford University half time while also working 3/4 time at Lockheed Missiles in Sunnyvale.  I earned a Master's and Wayne kept going and got his PhD.
With Zak and Craig Vetter also of Carmel.
Craig is a world famous, super talented designer, who also attended the University of Illinois. He made his fortune 20 years ago in the Motorcycle fairing business.  His Vetter Windjammer was the largest user of Plexiglas in the country at the time!
Outside with Craig's new prototype - The DEFIANT SCOOTER.

Craig feels the ever aging baby boomers will no longer be riding regular motorcycles as it gets tougher to swing those aging legs up and over a standard motorcycle's frame.  His answer is this electric start, 100 horsepower (!), automatic transmission, walk-through scooter frame motorcycle.  Quite the rocket ship! 

The ease of entry should be apparent. Craig fully agrees that you can never tell if an idea is a "good one" ahead of time.  Only criteria that counts is if after 5 years are you still making a reasonable profit and still having fun with the business!  We'll see how this idea goes for him.
Today was my first full day of cycling alone, so from now on all you get is pictures of my bike at scenic spots! This on the way to Big Sur after Carmel.  We camped at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park that night.  Amidst a forest of tall trees along a river.  Too far to the ocean - so no sunset pictures.

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