Wednesday July 10, 2002
Forest Preserve bike ride in Chicago, Illinois

Doug's Mom - Lorraine Malewicki at her home in in Lansing Illinois.

After our nice stay in Marblehead, Ohio,  Karen and I drove to Chicago on Tuesday July 9th.  We visited with my Mom early in the morning and then I drove Karen to O'Hare for her flight home. 

After dropping Karen off I drove to nearby  Niles, IL and had dinner with a bunch of my 1957 High School classmates at Rossini's - great fun!  Got home to Mom quite late.

The next morning I drove to Flossmoor to join another High School classmate, Jerry Levine, for a bicycle ride.  Jerry drove all the way to the North Side of Chicago so we could meet up with Wayne Madsen, my old Stanford room mate, at Darnell Woods.
Here we are riding along on the 17 mile long Forest Preserve trail to Chicago's Botanical Gardens.
Wow! A deer close-up!
Fred ? (an engineer friend of Wayne), Jerry and Wayne at the Botanical Gardens.
Jerry and Doug.
Barf!  On the way back, the bike Doug was riding got a flat.  Neither Jerry or Wayne had a patch kit or pump!  I ended up jogging along the trail with the bike while they cycled ahead fast to get the car and come back for me.  End of my ride!

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