Monday July 8, 2002   Doug & Karen's 25th Anniversary on the shores of Lake Erie

After a two hour drive from Columbus and lunch at Port Clinton we arrived in Marblehead, Ohio.

This the entrance to "The Old Stone House B&B" where we stayed for our 25th Anniversary. It was built the same year president Lincoln was inaugurated - 1861!

They have a web site:

We had the "Tower Room" - the white extension sticking out of the roof.  I am standing at the waters edge while taking the picture.
Karen standing by the water.  A ferry that goes to Kelley's Island in the background.  That is what we   will be doing tomorrow.
Up in our romantic "Tower Room".
Karen on the deck enjoying the view of Lake Erie.
Doug out in front of "the old stone house" - getting ready for a little hike around Marblehead. 
Parking lot view of the B & B.
The town of Marblehead.
We walked out along the shore to the light house.
The view at sunset  from our "Tower Room".

We had surf and turf for our Anniversary dinner at at the "Bon Ami" restaurant/winery in the nearby town of Lakeside.  Superb.

Monday, August 8th.

On the ferry to Kelley's island.

Approaching the island.
Here we are!
We walked into town - a half mile at most.  Most people werre renting golf carts as they got off the Ferry to get around the island. 
We continued hiking past the main part of town, then came back and had a great lunch, before heading back to Marblehead.

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