July 4-7, 2002
ORIGINS game convention in Columbus, Ohio
Some more about Doug's 1965 game "Nuclear War"

This is a card that features  my ancient game invention "Nuclear War".  My first commercial invention some 37 years ago! (Yikes!  I was only 23 years old when I invented the game and only 26 when I  produced first batch of 3,000!  An original 1965 game in the original plain black box recently sold for $280.00 on EBay!)

Lots more info about the game at:
Doug's Invention Website
Flying Buffalo, Inc's Website

The famous SUPERGERM!  A VERY powerful Top Secret card that fans of the Nuclear War game love!
My Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame plaque.  GAMA is the Game Manufacturer's Association.

See:  http://www.gama.org/ 

Rick Loomis is the owner/president of Flying Buffalo, Inc. which has licensed and sold various versions and updates of the game since 1972.

Rick Loomis is the current president of GAMA and was one of the founders many years ago.

Steve Crompton is the talented artist who has done all the cool cards for the game.  The company who printed the cards went out of business.  All the artwork used for years was lost when another company bought that printer's assets.  Rick decided to have all my old original black and white line art updated by Steve.  All the cards are  now more 3D, in full color and shaded.  Rick thought that was notable enough to talk the GAMA board of directors into having me out to Ohio as an ORIGINS guest.
The cards shown here and above were a special set of 110 different manufactured just for ORIGINS.  It is called the METAGAME.  Consist of persons, Games and Game Companies.  Conventioneers get individual cards for free at the various exhibitor booths.
This is my card!  ("Arnold" Malewicki!)

Steve Crompton did this art back in 1999 for an Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) predictive paper in the April 1999 issue of Spectrum.  It was my thoughts on transportation in the year 2052.  The composite picture was supposed to be me at age 113 - strong and healthy as ever thanks to a myriad of medical discoveries and technologies. 
The entire tongue in cheek paper (with many more Crompton works of art) for this reputable technical publication is at: "Goodnight - March 31, 2052"

Chainmail Girl also has her own card.

Note the numbers at the bottom:
Rick - #1          Cali - #7
Steve - #2        Nuclear War - #94
Doug - #5         Supergerm - #99

The game is played by simple Rock, Paper, Scissor rules.  People all over the convention would challenge any other person at random and either win that person's card or lose the one they were playing at the time.  In the case of ties, the different numbers in the corner of each card determined the winner. A personally autographed card was worth 5 extra points in these tie situations.  We all signed lots of cards!
I had time to collect about two thirds of all the cards.  People were BUYING complete decks of all 110 cards from Rick for $35.00!

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