Wednesday May 1, 2002
Junkyard Wars competition day

MMM!  Looks like some kind of cold war border fence.
Chain link fence AND barbed wire? 

Could this be some kind of obstacle for the Junkyard War competitors?


Tyler Harcott in a TUXEDO?  For a Junkyard Wars episode?  Mighty strange? 

Oh well - one more hint.  Tyler is preparing for a little James Bond spy skit to introduce the competition. 

Karyn Bryant, of course, plays the femme de fatale to Tyler's James Bond.
Crew trailers and dressing rooms all parked in a row at Sable Ranch where the competition was filmed.
Golly, Team Captain Brewsir is a huge guy! 

(The bamboo shoots in the background were left over from a scene in the recent remake of "The Time Machine".)

Lovely, vivacious Cathy Rogers reviews the days plans with the Wenches with Wrenches team.
The ever present Amy!  As best I understand it, Amy goes around filming "everything".  It is all edited into fun stuff just for a private showing after each episode's post production party.
I hope they air the WWF simulated FACE OFF screaming match that Amy filmed for fun between Geri and Brewsir.  Geri was great!  "Bruiser rhymes with Loser", etc.
The RDF Media crew is still putting on finishing touches to the course as the time for the Junkyard War Challenge draws closer.
Experts Jim and Hanz patiently waiting for the start of the competition.
Tyler relaxing in air conditioned comfort with the Wenches with Wrenches. (L-R) Alicia, Geri and Pam. 

Hey Jim and Hanz.  I'm in no rush!

Time to get SERIOUS!

Brewsir and Willie charge out of their trailer ready for action!

Geri and Hanz discuss final strategies.
X Lots of pictures of the actual machines will be added to the web site after the September 26th air date.
Hey - check out what I found on September 15, 2002! They are telling the public what the challenge is in advance on their website!
It's OVER!  Who won?  Sorry, can't tell you!

Tyler reviews the results with the Custom Cruisers. (Note miniature point-of-view video camera on Brewsir's helmet.)

Geri is sure getting some laughs from something Tyler told the Cruisers.
The Champagne starts to flow!
A great time was had by all!

 (Especially that devilish Tristan!)

PS: Can't forget to say thanks to Tristan for many of these great pictures.

Don't forget - Wednesday September 25, 2002
Judge Doug and crazy fun on
The Learning Channel's "Junkyard Wars"

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