Saturday December 2, 2006
Aliso Woods trail run

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Just a fun 9.3 mile training run with Don Bach on a superb Southern California December winter day.  Don brought his digital camera along and we took some great shots.  Just the thing to EMail to my friends and relatives in Chicago who were just digging out of a big blizzard from the day before!!  Of course, mentioned we were having another brutal winter day and the temperature WITH the wind chill factor was down to 72 degrees!  Oh so cruel!

The above three shots are of our actual route as captured by my Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS & then popped onto Google maps using free website services.

Don racing up the Mathis Trail hill! A half hour into the run.

Don amidst the cactus.
(Must resist temptation to push)

Doug charging up Mathis.

A clear, clear day.

Don liked my pose!

At the Top of the World (1,000' elevation). 
We met Don LeRoy right at the top coming up from the Meadow Trail.  He turned around and ran back down it with us.

What a view!

Back side view along Top of the World

Doug and 100 mile ultrarunner, Don LeRoy

The 2 Dons on the way to the Meadow Trail - our descent.
Click here to see a short VIDEO clip of Don Bach and Don LeRoy running down the hill with the Pacific Ocean and Catalina island in the background.  

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