Thursday  November 23, 2006
Dana Point Harbor Turkey Trot
9,000 runners plus.

The Three Generations of Runners (& friends) are at it again
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The Dana Point harbor Turkey trot is one of largest Turkey day morning races in the  USA.  It is a fun fund raiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County with many costumed runners.  3,591 runners finished the 10K.  2,336 finished the master's 5k and 1,932 finished the age 39 and under 5K race.  There were also special kid's runs.  Here is the GPS route for the 10K run.

Route from Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS superimposed on a Google map using web services.

The Google earth view of the course.

This was a very special day for Grandpa Doug and daughter Michelle as it was the first time 6 year old grand daughter Sierra was running an official 5K race.  No more kiddies runs for her!  How did she do?  Read Michelle's summary of the day below....

Santa Claus and his runner reindeers are a perennial favorite

Sierra and Michelle after Sierra's first ever 5K race.

36 year old Paul Fetjek from Newport Beach ran the  5k race in his "Personal Trainer" outfit and averaged 8:17 minutes per mile!!  Inside every fat person is a....

I woke Sierra up at O' dark thirty, Thanksgiving morning. The first words Sierra spoke were, "Mommy, I am nervous, I want to WIN". I told Sierra, "Sweetie, Mommy wants you to win too, but you are not running the children's race this year. You will be racing the 5k with grown ups." Sierra responded, "But Mommy, I want to win because I want to win a thousand dollars". Sierra's motivation for winning the race was money? Where did that come from? Certainly not from me. Well, I thought is was cute that her head was already in the game at 5:00am. Who can blame a girl for wanting more toys, clothes and Barbie dolls?

Sierra picked out her cute black and white striped running skirt and sequined black and silver tank top the night before the race. My little girl always runs in style and she has more fashion sense than I. We arrived at the Dana Point Harbor at 5:40am, just in time to get a parking spot. Sierra and I walked over to the registration booth and grabbed our bib #'s and timing chips.  Oops, I thought to myself, Sierra is wearing slip on Nike running shoes, where am I going tie this timing chip? I creatively weaved the plastic tie wrap over and under an elastic band of her shoe. Sierra had never seen a timing chip before, because this was her first 5k. They don't use timing chips at the cute non-competitive kids races.

Sierra was concerned with finding her 1st grade friend Sophia, who was also running the 5k race. She asked me look up her friend Sophia's name on the race list, just to make sure she was signed up.  I didn't see Sophia's name anywhere on the list, but I assured Sierra not to worry because her friend Sophia still has plenty time to sign up.

Now we needed to find Grandpa. I told him to meet us at the Fleet Feet booth, but we missed each other. My boss Scott White, owner of Fleet Feet Laguna Niguel, let Sierra help him work the booth and she really liked that.

First the 10K race!

6:30am. Less than 30 minutes until the 29th annual Turkey Trot 10k race start. I leave for a quick mile warm up across the bridge with my friend and co-worker Steven Owen and his friend "Bones", who looked like pure lean muscle to me. Together we concocted a secret goal of breaking 40 minutes.

I gave Sierra hugs and a kiss and told her Mommy will be back soon. I didn't see my Dad, amidst the 9,000 racers. I was sure I would see him on the out-n-back portion of the course.

There seemed to be a delay in the start of the race because people were still registering for the event. Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem or was it a pre-recorded tape? Steven and I decided to run more strides to keep our legs warm.

7:20 AM. Race starts. I took off quick with my IPOD blasting Metallica. I saw some familiar faces along the first mile. I went out hard and didn't see Steven or Bones anywhere. Running a 6:30 minute mile feels much different than running an 11:30 minute mile for 100 miles.

Mile 2 - I started getting passed and here comes Steven and Bones looking steady and strong. I wave them on. I saw my Dad for the first time. He yelled my name and he was looking good!! I had a feeling he would accomplish his goal of breaking 60 minutes.

Mile 3 - I am having so much fun and it is a beautiful morning even though my stomach hurts, my hamstrings and quads are already burning and my heart and lungs are working double-time. This is a great feeling and the perfect start to Thanksgiving Day or any day for that matter!!

Mile 4 - Yippee!! I see my hundred mile Ultra friend Andy Kumeda and he is not far behind!! He looks cute in his bright colored racing flats.  This is Andy's 10th consecutive Turkey Trot. I am feeling the burn and hope if I turn up my IPOD volume a bit, it will help me run faster, as this usually works on training runs.

Mile 5 - I spot Steven and Bones still running together. It looks like Steven will be close in accomplishing his goal of breaking 40 minutes. I went to Plan B and decided PRing would be nice, because a sub 40 wasn't in the cards. I saw Andy again and it seemed he was getting closer and closer. I was happy for him because he was having a strong race.

Mile 6 - My plan was to leave it all on the course and kick it in. I tried and I didn't break 40, I didn't PR. I finished in 43:06. I was happy because it put things in perspective and made me realize I need to do speed work. Steven and Bones finished in 40:55. My Dad finished in 57:29.  

Next was the 5K Master's race for those older than 40, which our 76 year old friend Gene Langworthy was running in.  Gene came in 3rd  in his age group with a 33:01 time. 

Next was the 5K race for those 39 years old and under
THIS was Sierra's race!

This was indeed Sierra's day. The main goal for today was to make sure Sierra had fun. I went to the Fleet Feet tent and it was mobbed with people buying apparel. I whisked Sierra away for the start of her race. She was ready and excited. As we waited for the start, one of my Laguna Beach Cross Country girls recognized me and Sierra. She was also running the 5k. I told her to hop in with us. I started chatting with the runners around me. That was a blast. I love meeting people at races and learning what type of runners are out there. I met a lady who started marathoning this year and has already finished 8 marathons. I met some dudes who spent the previous night drinking one too many Cervesas. A dog was whisked up and over the barrier to run the race too.

And she's OFF...

Sierra is FAST!! Sierra started blasting through weaving in and out of people five times her age. She kept looking back to make sure I was still there. I was taking action pictures of her from in front, beside and behind. This was great fun watching Sierra and her natural stride. As we are booking it up and over the bridge I see my friend RJ and I snap a quick picture. I was coaching Sierra and telling her to keep it steady. Sierra was so cute she would surge for 30 seconds and then slow down. Sierra really enjoyed the water stops and she took full advantage of all the water she could get. Sierra's cheeks were starting to get rosy, she was having a remarkable race for her first ever 5k.

Mile 2 - Sierra is still passing grown ups and looking fresher than they are. Here comes another Laguna Beach Cross Country girl, Alyssa. Sierra was ahead of Alyssa for half of the race and Alyssa almost made the Varsity Cross Country team. Wow!

Mile 3 - More water and Sierra wants to take a few walking breaks. I said, you are doing great!! We are almost finished!! Sierra starts to surge again accompanied by more walking. I remember telling Sierra only one more block to go. She wanted to finish in 30 minutes, this would be close. Sierra had not run this far before but she has hiked a 9 mile day-hike in Yosemite over the summer, so she remembered this and knew she could finish strong. Once Sierra saw the crowd of people, she started blasting away from me.

I wanted to take more pictures, but she was not in the mood, "No more pictures Mommy". I saw my friend Andy near the finish with his camera ready. Perfect timing!! I love action shots!!

Sierra crossed the finish like in 31:55. A ten minute pace (10:17 minutes per mile average for the 3.1 miles)!!  Sierra finished three minutes ahead of Santa. One of Santa's Elves gave Sierra 2 candy canes. That made her day!! Grandpa was there to greet us at the finish line and take more pictures of SIERRA the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dana Point Turkey Trot - 5K (39 & under)
Bib:   1028
Name:   Sierra Barton
Gender:   F
Age:   6
Hometown:   Laguna Niguel CA
Place Overall:   1229   out of   2347
Women:   525   out of   1290
F 1-12:   54   out of   132 (= top 41%)
AgeGrade:   66.01%   Place:  172
FINISH:   31:55   pace:   10:17

Sierra really pushed hard that last 100 yards!

Little 6 year old Sierra kept up with a lot of BIG adults!

Mommy that was fun!
The zoom zoom girl striding along and with her friends the elves.

Proud Mom with Sierra at the 2006 Dana Point Turkey Trot
Little 6 year old Sierra's 5K time of 31:55 was a minute faster than my 76 year old buddy, Gene Langworthy, who got a 3rd place in his age bracket!  9,000 some people in all the different races including all the kid's races.  This was Sierra's first 5K run.  She doesn't do the cute kids races any longer.  Pretty funny to see all the big people running along side her!  Michelle ran along with her and helped her pace herself.  Pretty good for no training whatsoever at that distance. 

The NEW Battle of the ages!!
In 1979 there was another BATTLE OF THE AGES.  Little people power team members - 8 year old Michelle Malewicki and 6 year old Keith Rosenberg challenged 72 year old Ed "Foxy Grandpa" Delano at the International Human Powered Vehicle Association's Speed Championships.

The LITTLE PEOPLE POWER team challenged Foxy Grandpa to a BATTLE OF THE AGES. 

To learn the result see:

The after race party at Don Bach's house.  All the racer's are going to toss $10 or more each into a pot to award to the winner of the 2007 Sierra Barton VS Gene Langworthy  BATTLE OF THE AGES.
Dana Point Turkey Trot - 5K Masters
Bib:   2611
Name:   Eugene Langworthy
Gender:   M
Age:   76
Hometown:   Redmond OR
Place Overall:   942   out of   1945
Men:   581   out of   929
M 75-79:   3   out of   6
AgeGrade:   59.39%   Place:  222
FINISH:   33:01   pace:   10:38
Dana Point Turkey Trot     -    10K
Bib:   17
Name:   Michelle Barton
Gender:   F
Age:   35
Hometown:   Laguna Niguel CA
Place Overall:   230   out of   3584
Women:   44   out of   1753
F 35-39:   8   out of   286 (= top 3%)
AgeGrade:   69.41%   Place:  189
FINISH:   43:08   pace:   6:57
Dana Point Turkey Trot     -    10K
Bib:   2793
Name:   Douglas Malewicki
Gender:   M
Age:   67
Hometown:   Irvine CA
Place Overall:   1778   out of   3584
Men:   1153   out of   1831
M 65-69:   5   out of   25  (= top 20%)
AgeGrade:   61.34%   Place:  609
FINISH:   57:29   pace:   9:15
Dana Point Turkey Trot     -    10K
Bib:   948
Name:   Don Bach (who paced daughter Carly)
Gender:   M
Age:   45
Hometown:   Laguna Niguel CA
Place Overall:   2845   out of   3584
Men:   1595   out of   1831
M 45-49:   238   out of   266
AgeGrade:   43.08%   Place:  2993
FINISH:   1:06:41   pace:   10:44
Dana Point Turkey Trot     -    10K
Bib:   1952
Name:   Phil Garcia
Gender:   M
Age:   31
Hometown:   Pomona CA
Place Overall:   257   out of   3584
Men:   210   out of   1831
M 30-34:   18   out of   189 (= top  10%)
AgeGrade:   60.55%   Place:  674
FINISH:   43:35   pace:   7:01
Dana Point Turkey Trot     -    10K
Bib:   1496
Name:   Robert Cowan
Gender:   M
Age:   46
Hometown:   Coto De Caza CA
Place Overall:   96   out of  3119
Men:   84   out of  1566
M 45-49:   6   out of  225 (= top 3%)
AgeGrade:   73.29%   Place:  105
FINISH:   39:29   pace:   6:22


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