Sunday June 18, 2006
Doug's 26th annual and consecutive Father's Day
Half Marathon (13.1 miles) run to Laguna Beach!

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May 27 - Training run #2

June 4 - Training run #3

June 18th - The deed is done in 1 hour and 58 minutes!

My Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS.

It gives you distance, elevation, pace and speed data.  Neat toy for runners!  I also wear a Polar heart monitor.  This time I was up to 170 beats per minute for the last 1/2 mile to the finish.  Based on the 220 minus your age formula it is telling me that I have the heart capability of the "average" 50 year old.  I haven't pushed to that heart rate in a good 6 months so it is good to know that some parts of me aren't totally 67 years old and decrepit!

I started training for this year's Dad's Day run back in May.   I started with my shorter 10.3 mile loop that rises 300 feet.  The run to Laguna Beach involves a bit over 400 feet of ascents.  I can actually do better on this type of run than I can running on the flat because I am naturally going slower to warm up the first half.  I take it easy on the up hill and then can have fun bombing/cruising all the way into town. Laguna Canyon is an exceptionally scenic route - if you don't mind the cars.

This year I did the 10.3 mile loop route 4 times and did the actual Canyon route 3 times.  The Monday before Dad's Day I did a nice easy 15 mile loop to the Back Bay in Newport Beach on the Mountain to Sea bike trail.

I almost want to do the Laguna run one more time in a week or so because I know I should be able to do it closer to a 1:55 time.  The day before the race we had a mini-high school reunion in San Diego.  Didn't get home until 11:15 PM - OW!  The Margarita and two glasses of wine didn't bother me, but before we left San Diego I had a cup of real coffee because I was the driver.  Was wired all night tossing and turning.  The first 1/2 hour of the run was tedious to say the least.  After that I loosened up and felt much better.  This time I ran totally solo because Michelle, my ultra runner daughter is tapering off for next weekend.  My best time in years & years was when she accompanied me (& pushed me hard) two years ago.

June 24, 25th Michelle will be pacing her friend, ultra racing legend Gordy Ainsleigh, through the night at the Western States 100 mile race from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California.  Gordy founded the sport 33 years ago and at age 59 is still capable of running this killer race in under 24 hours !

Michelle running through the snow with Gordy - May 27, 2006 at the Western States 3 day training runs.  They cover 72 miles of the actual 100 mile course - spread out over the three days.

I have been helping the race director, Greg Soderland, with graphical presentation ideas for this years race.  it is finally done and should really enhance how people track their friends online during the race.  The new webcast for "Where's my Runner?" is at:  Gordy's bib number is "0"!  Yes he rates!  Race starts at 5 AM Saturday June 24th.

Ooops - not quite done running today!

"Sierra....  Grandpa is pooped and yucky sweaty & you WANT to do a photo running with me?"

Oh NO - speedy Sierra is beating me!

Michelle's turn. 

Sierra age 6.5 took this picture!  She has a real knack for photography and a great sense of composition.

After finishing we had our traditional Dad's Day family picnic at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach - overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Karen's Mom Gladys 91, Karen & Michelle with Sierra.

Michelle's card said "Congratulations for 304.6 miles!" - the sum of all 26 runs!

On the Heisler Park cliffs

We are the champions!

Ooh - a secret cave?

It's speedy Sierra!

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