Gladys's Exciting Last Day of 2005
Saturday December 31, 2005
Would you believe a 6 AM

What a way to end 2005! 
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All that counts is that Karen's Mom Gladys wasn't hurt.  She did absolutely great for a nice lady who turned 91 last September 22nd and who has lived alone in Sun City near Perris in a retirement community for 19 years this coming February.

Boom!  The door was broken and two big bozo brutes were in the house and wanted money! (Too lazy to get jobs?  Easier to break in doors on defenseless super senior citizens!)  They had no masks or gloves, just wore sweatshirts with their hoods pulled up.  She first told them "The TV is in the Den - take it and go away!"  She then told them that she has no money - they should go rob the neighbors next door who have a lot more.  They told her to go sit in the den.

While they were busy tearing out drawers and throwing everything around, Gladys tried dialing 911.  Unfortunately, one of them saw her dialing and came and ripped the telephone cord out of the wall before she should complete the call.  When they were leaving she yelled at them to clean up the mess they made. 

In a bit she went outside and flagged down a neighbor lady driving by.  Gladys went with the lady to her house and they called the police.  Three officers showed up in minutes.  Later a young forensics guy came and dusted for finger prints.  Would be great to catch the bozos.  They obviously had prior experience at burglarizing and hopefully a prior police record to go with it.

The police called Karen and I & left a message on my office answering machine.  Unfortunately, I was out with friends - Bob Johnson, Dick Sar, Don & Dean Edberg - on our traditional early Saturday morning 5 mile round trip, baguette and coffee walk.  They called Karen's cell phone next.  She got the news and then drove around the neigborhood looking for me.  Gave up & drove to her Mom's without me. I got home and thought she was out shopping.  Never looked at my message machine or cell phone.  An hour later she was in Sun City with her Mom & the one officer who stayed.  Called me again.  OK, time for me to drive out there too.   Duh! I finally spotted the flashing message light and listened to the earlier message from the officer.

So what did the bozos get for their troubles?  $35 in her purse, her house key and prescription ID card.  Also took some antique silverware that she kept asking Karen to take as she didn't use it and Karen kept telling her she had no room for it at our house.  Probably $500 to $700 worth there.  Several other dumb things too plus two of her plastic storage boxes to carry their loot away in.

Karen & I canceled our New Year's evening plans to go see King Kong and eat at Muldoon's Irish Pub with friends and took Gladys out to Sun City's Boston Billie restaurant.  We were there at about 5:30 PM and could see couples dancing in their banquet room.  Old couples - very old couples.  Come to find out it ends at 9 PM when New York hits midnight, so they can all go home and get to bed!  Sounds like Sun City!

Next day I had to drive back to Irvine to get all the tools I needed and when I got back spent New Years day doing woodwork repairs, etc.  Was very happy that Home Depot was open on New Years Day.  It was surprising how packed it was!

Christmas Day 2005 in Irvine - The happy family

Gladys is seated. L-R grand daughter Kim & fiancÚ Steve, daughter Karen, Michelle and Sierra

Her dead bolted and locked door were ripped right out of the frame.

In just 10 minutes the 2 robbers made a complete mess of every room.  This is her bedroom.

Gladys's bedroom.
Note carbon black all over the white dresser where forensics dusted for finger prints.

Creeeps!  I would have cooked their goose if they didn't catch me trying to dial 911!

Their mess by the kitchen pantry


Living room

Living room (microwave was also dusted for fingerprints)

Living room


Den towards TV


Den towards TV

Gladys & Karen spent two days cleaning, organizing & inventorying.  Doug  repaired the door & changed  locks.

The living room is livable!

The hutch is organized.

This is so much more pleasant!

Room in the bathroom again.

Nice neat bedroom.

Clean white dressers.

What a roomy den.  Karen and Gladys take a well deserved rest!

A spotless kitchen.

Note the wood piece that was ripped out by the deadbolt and door latch.

Can it be fixed?  Yup!
Glued, nailed, filled and sanded - ready for paint.

New keyed door locks installed.





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