7th Annual San Diego 12 hour race
Saturday November 12, 2005
Michelle sets female course record!

Michelle's course record plaque



(7.6 miles more than
the previous female
record of 61.7 miles
set in 2002)

Well Saturday November 12, 2005 sure was interesting.....
This is a nutty race.  You just keep running for 12 hours straight and who ever covers the most distance is the winner.  Over and over and over around a 1 mile course.
My daughter, Michelle ran 69.3  miles before the final gun went off.  She placed first female and at the same time set a new female course record for this 7th annual running of the 12 hour race!  Michelle came in 2nd place overall to Inoue Akihiro, one of the international male competitors from Japan.  Inoue ran a total of 70 miles - just 1 more mile than Michelle!  The 2nd place female, Laurie Woodrow from West Hollywood, was 14 miles behind Michelle at 53 miles.
Shawn McDonald still holds the men's record of 72.3 miles he set in 2002.  Diana Rush was the previous women's record holder with 61.7 miles, which she ran in 2002.  Michelle beat Diana's record by 7.6 miles - a whopping 12% increase!

Michelle, who recovered enough from her broken ankle last December to attempt the famed Western States 100 trail race in June (she dropped after 21 hours and 71 miles) and try that crazy 100 mile distance again at the Jevelina Jundred in Mesa, Arizona October 15th (she dropped after 20 hours and covering 77 miles of the 100) was determined to requalify to be allowed into the Western States 100 lottery for 2006.  That lottery is held in early December.  To qualify to get into the lottery, runners have to either finish any 100 mile ultra race before the official cutoff time or run a 50 mile race in under 9 hours.  About 3,000 runners apply from all over the world for the available 400 spots (number limited by National Forest Service).
The last race Michelle could run prior to this year's Western States lottery was in San Diego.  It started at 10 AM on November 12, 2005.  It is an international race - see:  www.sandiego1dayrace.com
Runners can choose the 12 or 24 hour events and can run as an individual or in relay teams of either 6 or 12.
Each runner wears a chip.  Computers accurately read and record the time at each lap of the 1 mile course.
Michelle entered the 12 hour event.   Apparently, as far as the Western States officials are concerned she could quit as soon as she finished 50 miles (in under 9 hours) and that would be all that was required to make their lottery.  Sounded reasonable - except the course was a 1 mile loop all on paved roads.  I was actually very upset with Michelle and thought she was nuts because I knew she absolutely hates running on paved roads.  I was also worried that the steady pounding on a hard surface could ruin her legs and feet for the next 6 months.   Worse, she was not doing any acclimating by spending any time running on paved roads.  (One reason I love trail running is because of the softer dirt; the ups and downs; the dancing around rocks; etc. that ends up essentially being a back massage instead of a back pounder.)
She also did another no-no.  She just got a pair of Mad Rock brand trail shoes and without any break in intended to run the 12 hour race in them.  Fortunately, fellow ultra runner, Andy Mathews - a high school teacher from Florida flew out  to crew for her.  42 year old Andy ran the Western States 100 last June and finished in under 24 hours.  He has several other 100s under his belt.  He wrote one article for Marathoning & Beyond that listed 12 no-no's - one being don't ever run an ultra in brand new shoes!   It gets worse, Andy told her she should really run this in road racing shoes rather than cushiony trail shoes.  So Michelle, the day before the race, buys a $29.95 pair of Saucony brand road shoes with Andy's help.  Michelle never owned Saucony's before & most good running shoes cost over $75.  NUTS!  I DID NOT want to attend this race as I sensed disaster for my daughter.  Andy and Michelle's daughter Sierra (who will be 6 in January 2006) were her crew in San Diego.
So last night just after 8 PM (10 hours since the start) I call her on her cell phone, hoping to hear she was not damaged and that she did get her 50 miles in time.  Andy answers.  Tells me that Michelle is still running, doing great and since she was well on her way to a dominating female course record was going to run the entire 12 hours.  Passed her required 50 mile distance in 8 hours & 20 minutes.   Still feeling good at what was already a new record - 62 miles with about 1.5 hours left.  Whoa - am I hearing correctly? 
I called her again some 15 minutes after the 12 hours and she was VERY happy with her  accomplishment.  I kept asking her about how her legs and feet felt.  No damage.
Called her on Sunday morning.  She said she never stopped to walk once and that Andy & Sierra were wonderful crew that would meet her each lap, find out what she needed, run across the field to get it and be ready to hand it to her as she came by at the start of the next loop.  Also talked to Andy.  He told me that for the last 4 laps (= 4 miles) Michelle started pushing her pace and according to her Garmin Forerunner GPS was averaging 7 and sub-7 minute miles.  He ran along side with her and could barely keep up!  He also said she was dancing with happiness this morning.  MMM?  Could her legs be anything less than dead after that?  Wow!

Registration and chip timing devices

Sierra enjoys the San Diego Mission Bay park.

Michelle Barton, race Director John Metz  and Fred Pollard - 66 years young

Leigh "TURBO" Corbin! It was her first hundred and she qualified for States
, Xy Weiss, Scott Peterson, Michelle & Sierra

Scott McKenzie.  For fun this year, Scott and Rob McNair fast packed the entire 225 mile John Muir trail in 7 days!

Leigh Corbin, Maureen Moran, Fred & Xy

Michelle and experienced 100 miler - Catra Corbett

Catra, Michelle & Sierra

Leigh, Catra, Michelle, Suzanne Kwong & Xy

Michelle and So Cal Ultra runners 2004 champ, Rob Harris.  Harris ran 111 miles in the 24 hour event.

Michelle and Maria Lemus

Wow - a bib with my name instead of a number!

Leigh, Xy, Catra, Michelle, Scott & Maria

Almost time to start!  One last hug for Sierra.

Ready, get set, go!  As everyone starts their stop watches.

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