High Sierras - Rae Lakes Loop Backpack trip
September 14 - 20, 2005
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The Rae Lakes Loop trail is one of the most  highly rated classic backpacking trips in the Sierra's. This was a 46.6 mile trip that starts at the ROAD'S END ranger station at an elevation of 5,000 feet, works it's way up to 12,000 feet and then back down.  I previously did it in 1997.  

I was joined by Chris Perkins, who is VP of UniModal, Inc (SkyTran) and Clark Foster, an aerobatic pilot & mechanical engineer friend with his name on 125 patents.  We drove up on Tuesday September 13th and stayed overnight at the Canyon View car campsite.

I found a great topo map for this trip at REI.  Tom Harrison Maps Kearsarge Pass trail map covered exactly what we wanted.  Plastic waterproof for $8.95!

On the drive up On September 13th - the afternoon before the hike.

Wow! Ancient gasoline pumps in Cedar grove!

A tavern in the park!  Last chance for a beer and munchies.  That first night we car camped at Canyon View (didn't say anything about last chance for a glass of wine did we?)

Day 1 - Road's End to Lower Paradise Valley
+1,600', 6 miles

On this first day we drove up to Road's End, picked up our wilderness permit and rented bear canisters at the ranger station.  We hiked 6 miles and climbed 1,600' to reach Lower Paradise Valley.  Had a great scenic lunch along the way at Mist Falls.  When I got to the campsite, I immediately laid down for a nap. Chris and Clark went to the river to relax and got to see their first bear!

At Mist Falls - two thirds of the day's hiking was done.  Time for a lunch break!

The THRONE (pottie with a super scenic view) was a 5 minute walk up the hill from our campsite.

The very best in rock art!

Artistic enjoyment for those who follow in our footsteps.

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