Thursday July 14, 2005
ComicCon in San Diego, CA)
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Michelle spent some time in long time friend Steve Crompton's booth selling her LOST WORLDS Mischa Redblur Ultra Sorceress combat game character books.  Steve does lots of artwork for Rick Loomis, owner of Flying Buffalo, Inc., in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Rick has been the exclusive licensee for manufacturing my 1965 Nuclear War game invention for decades  This year is the 40th Anniversary of Nuclear War.  Steve did much of the update art over the decades - namely Nuclear Escalation in 1982, Nuclear Proliferation in 1992, Nuclear Booster Packs in 1995 and Weapons of Mass Destruction in 2004  Just recently Steve and I got the incredibly boring job of autographing 1,000 cards for all the Special Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Nuclear War games.  This Limited Edition comes in a metal box and sells for $60.00 (I originally sold the game for $3.50 in 1965 - including postage! Inflation in action.)

More LOST WORLDS info at:

Last time I was to a ComicCon was 7 or 8 years ago. In the meantime it has become super huge!  Could not believe the crowds even early this first day - all lined up and wanting to pay their $25 to get in.  We took Michelle's 5 year old daughter Sierra with.  Sierra wore her sleeping beauty costume and had a really fun time seeing all the other dressed up characters.  Pictures below.

San Diego Convention Center

Interesting art.

We have arrived!

A Johnny Depp look-a-like.  He even had fake gold teeth!

What a long line!

We finally FOUND Steve Crompton!  His nephew Chase from San Diego also came to help out in the booth.

Steve helped Michelle set up her Mischa display.

The instant buddies!

Michelle's display with some of her Mischa Redblur combat books.

"Hey Steve are we done posing for photos for Dad yet?"

Cameraman Doug & Steve

Bob the ANGRY FLOWER has his own comic book line.
Doug left ComicCon  just before noon to have lunch at Joe's Crab Shack (just behind the Convention Center) with his friends from South Shore High School where he grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  ComicCon attendees in costumes were also there. Click here for more Pictures

Darth Vader & Sierra.
"Hey Mr. Vader, don't mess with my Mom - she is Mischa Redblur Ultra Sorceress".

Who needs the STAR Wars FORCE?  Mischa has STARbucks POWER & blurring SPEED! 

Having fun with the Star Wars storm troopers.

Mischa Redblur - we want to recruit you far our battles in a galaxy far, far away!.

Princess Leah from Star Wars & Doug

"This senior citizen of earth with Leah having fun - think I."

Leah wore this outfit after Jabba the Hut captured her.

Remember - Jabba froze Hans Solo first.

Hans Solo (can you believe  Harrison Ford just turned 63?)

Light Saber action.

Catch that background poster?

Michelle & Sierra with Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare before Christmas"

Sierra & Flathead the Brathead

The 9' tall monster!

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