Saturday February 5, 2005
Winter Trail Running Series WTRS 15k

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Photos by Doug Malewicki

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Congratulations to all 67 finishers!
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The long awaited 2005 edition of the Winter Trail Running Series is off to a great start!

This is RND Running’s 4th year directing the trail series. And the mountain runners keep coming back for more excitement, fun and food. Overheard a few days after the race…“Boy, there were some BIG ruts on the trails Saturday.  That section around Sugarloaf Peak was really difficult to run at full speed.  The bottoms of my feet are still hurting today!” It is no surprise that trail runners enjoy a little pain every now and then. The trails were in decent condition considering the massive rain storms. 68 runners happily danced their way over the ruts and rocks with nimble grace and ease. We had a few falls and a little blood remained on the trails but thankfully no injuries.


Overall Men

First place overall champion Fred Cowles, age 41, finished in a speedy 1:05:53. The next day Fred ran the Pacific Shoreline 5k in 16:23!!  In 2003, Fred walked also away with first overall at the 15k. So Cal Ultra Series race director, professor and awesome Ultra runner Scott McKenzie, age 50, placed second overall in 1:11:14. Tony Tubbs, age 39, placed third overall, blazing to the finish line in 1:13:59

Nice work hotties!


Overall Women

Lean Mean Susan McKibbin former triathlete, age 41, won 1st female the second year in a row and placed 6th overall in 1:21:30. Second place gal Britta Daudert, age 32, finished in 1:27:11. Our third place overall female Caroline Theiss, age 47, finished in 1:27:30. Way to go beauties!


Fourteen year old Tim Olsen is following in his Dad’s footsteps. He placed 10th overall in 1:23:50, with Dad Jay Olsen hot on his heals finishing a mere 4 seconds behind his son. Arne Gunnarson won the over 60 age group in 1:39: 35.


We gave away many top notch goodies at the raffle. The Montrail shoes went to lucky Doug Malewicki. Allen Bursey, Kyle Hoang and Robert Baird missed the raffle because they decided to run a double 15k loop in preparation for the San Juan Trail 50k. Good training guys!


Thank you to our wonderful friends and super volunteers Jim Pivonka and Sarah Shoeck.

To see the race pictures (lots of action shots) go to Doug Malewicki’s website at Doug’s daughter Michelle Barton served double duties as photographer/cheerleader this time since she broke her ankle on a 22 mile training run eight weeks ago. She plans to run the Western States 100 mile endurance run on June 25.


We hope to see you at the WTRS Half Marathon (February 19, 2005).

(A good way to burn off that Valentine's day chocolate indulgence)
Bring out the family to share in the fun at the 4x10K Relay March 5, 2005.

And don’t forget to dial in your hill training for the Ultra tough San Juan Trail 50K with over 6,000 feet of ascents (March 26, 2005).


Happy Valentines Day!


See you at the races,Vicki and Randy Davis


The official RND Running site is


Actual route - top view from Doug's Garmin 201 GPS

Traditional pre-race photo spot

Michelle Barton and Dad Doug.

Michelle with Dad's 1987 Ferrari Testarossa.

Allen Bursey and Michelle with Allen's new Land Rover.

Allen, Michelle, Robert Baird & Kyle Hoang.

Michelle and Andra?

Super volunteer, Jim Pivonka can't trick Michelle with his famous photo horns.

Doug, at 65, was the oldest person in the 15k

What's this Vickie?  A new category for over 65?  A 1st place? Wow! I'll take it!

Whoa - better yet - Doug won a free pair of Montrail  shoes in the RND post awards raffle!

Michelle and happy Dad.

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