Wednesday January 12, 2005
Trip to Palm Springs to go snow shoeing
With Bob Johnson & Dick Sar
(featuring a ride up to all the snow on the Palm Springs Aerial tramway.)
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View of the 11,502' peak of San Gorgonio as we drive to Palm Springs.

A windmill farm near Palm Springs.

Bob and Dick with their rented snow shoes.

Fast flowing rapids under the Aerial Tramway building

Doug and Bob ready to tromp though some snow.

View up to the mountain where the Tramway will take us.

View from the rotating gondola as we climb up the cables.

North Palm Springs area view from the rear of the gondola.

At the TOP
We found out that the forest rangers were not allowing any hiking or snowshoeing
today because of dangerous ice and lots of water running underneath the snow. 
All the trails were closed.  Oh well a zero exercise day!  We barely got outside the building,
but still had a great time and got to take in some spectacular scenery. 

My Garmin 201 GPS is reading an elevation of 8,515 feet after we get off the Aerial Tramway!

Garmin elevation data from the ride up the Tramway was downloaded to my computer.

GPS view of all the walking around we did after getting off the Tramway.

Bob Johnson freaks out when he spots a mountain lion.

The beautiful forest is blanketed in snow.

Dick Sar

Bob Johnson

Doug Malewicki

Our "fake" smiles - the disappointed Orange County Snow Shoe team will have to come back another day!

This is where we hoped to go snow shoeing.

Untouched trails.

Snow covered trees.

Heading back down the mountain.

San Gorgonio on the way home.

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