The most interesting happening of 2004!
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Saturday December 4th:  Michelle got accepted into the famed Western States 100 ultra trail race - Squaw Valley to Auburn, California - 100 miles with 18,090 feet of climbing - SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2005.

Sunday December 12th: Michelle was doing a lovely training run from Hot Springs to Blue Jay & back with Alan Bursey, Kyle Hoeng and Robert Baird.  A very scenic 23 mile round trip route.  On the way back from Blue Jay she rolled her left ankle on a fast downhill section.  She heard it snap!  Instantly the left foot collapsed under her and she crashed bad.  The entire side of her right leg got scraped up and bloody as she fell down.  Yes - she broke the left ankle. 

Running buddies and Michelle's official RESCUE TEAM -
 Kyle Hoeng, Robert Baird & Alan Bursey.

X-Ray of Michelle's ankle

Michelle safely home with daughter Sierra.  Her leg was placed in a bandaged splint for one week to allow the swelling to subside before getting a cast .

Right leg bloody scrapes all cleaned up and bandaged too.

Alan Bursey, who is a Fireman, immediately went into his trained rescue mode and had her do everything right.  Kyle helped Michelle hobble back the 2 miles to Blue Jay, while Alan & Robert raced the 10 miles back to Hot Springs to get the car and drive all the way around to pick up Michelle and Kyle. Really hustled.  Alan & Robert  drove into Blue Jay a mere 5 minutes after Kyle and Michelle arrived.   A couple who were just packing up their Blue Jay camp site saw bloody Michelle and dropped everything to help clean her leg up with their brand new First Aid Kit.

Once it was all over and Michelle was home from Emergency & now on crutches, her 4 year old daughter, Sierra was interviewing Mom in detail with all kinds of questions. Probably very educational for Sierra.  No cast for 1 week while they wait for the swelling to go down. 

Sounds like 6 weeks with a cast before Michelle will be walking again.  Physical therapist & family friend, Bob Kaehler, 3 time Olympic rowing competitor, sees no reason she will not be fully recovered and properly trained to still do the Western States 100 in June.  Bob will be helping her lay out a careful recovery plan.

Special thanks to Alan, Kyle and Robert.

Monday December 20th: Time for a real cast!

In the waiting room at UCI medical.

Splint removed.  Lots of visible black and blue.  We noticed the simple "L" shaped" splint  to support the ankle already had cracks and was allowing the leg to bend a bit = pain.

Nice Dr. Ross said my Mommy will heal fine.  I am so happy.

TAA DAA!  The PINK cast.

Four of Sierra's dolls now have real fiberglass pink casts just like Mommy's!

The pain relief from perfect immobilization was wonderful.

Grandpa Doug is the nut who did this for Sierra.

The pains are gone!  Yeah!

Note her right leg scrapes are already 99% healed too.

This cast comes off in two weeks.  Then more X-Rays and a new cast for 3 more weeks.  Then final X-Rays and back to running! 

Michelle will be out to cheer her friends on for the upcoming Winter Trail Running Series
starting on January 8, 2005 with the 9K trail race.  See:

some of my daughter Michelle’s trail running accomplishments for 2004:

Date Race Distance Elevation gain Place

Jan 3

Winter Trail Running Series

9K ?

1st overall female

Jan 24

Winter Trail Running Series

 12K ?

1st overall female

Feb 7

Winter Trail Running Series

15K ?

2nd overall female

Feb 21

Winter Trail Running Series

½ Marathon 3,700 feet

1st overall female

Mar 13

Lake Hodges  (her 1st course record)

50K ?

1st overall fem (2nd overall)

Mar 16

Winter Trail Running Series

Relays ?

1st (w/ Dr. Chuck Sohaskey)

Apr 17 Leona Divide trail race 50 miles 9,000 feet ?

Mar 27

San Juan Trail 50K

50K ?

3rd overall female

May 15

Bishop High Sierra 50 miles

50 miles ?

1st in age

June 5

Shadow of the Giants 50K

33.2 miles ?

6:23 (got lost for 20 min.)

July 13

Holcomb Valley (Big Bear)

33 miles ?

3rd in age

Aug 28

Bulldog 50K (Santa Monica Mountains)

 50K ?

4th overall female

Nov 20

Saddleback Mountain Marathon

26.2 miles 5,000 feet

2nd in age

Dec 4

Accepted into the Western States 100

100 miles 18,090 feet (June 2005)

Dec 12

Breaks ankle on 22 mile training run

- -

OW!  & 6 weeks of rest!

This past week, Michelle got the news from the Southern California Ultra Runners
that she earned FIRST place in their 2004 rankings for females under 40.

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