August 2004
Backpack trip to the top of Mount Whitney
14,496 feet elevation - Highest spot in the 48 contiguous States

Day 3 Aug 21 10 miles via New Army Pass 12,300' to Rock Creek at 10,400'

After a light breakfast we broke camp and started this Sauturday  morning with a strenuous one and a half hour of steady up to reach the top of New Army Pass at 12,300 feet.  New magnificent vistas opened to us as we crossed over closer to Mount Whitney.   10.1 miles later we arrived at Rock Creek - our stop for the night.  This afternoon gave us a four hour rain shower.  After the rains quit all of the wood around us was quite wet.  It took the combined skills of all four of us to get an evening campfire going.

Doug's rock art at the top of New Army Pass.

Doug and John at the top

Descending on the other side gave us our first view of the top of Mount Whitney.

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