August 2004
Backpack trip to the top of Mount Whitney
14,496 feet elevation - Highest spot in the 48 contiguous States
(64.4 miles in 6 days)

Day 1 Aug 19 Drive to Lone Pine and Horseshoe Meadows at 9,500' elevation
Day 2 Aug 20 Hike 6 miles to Long Lake at 11,000'
Day 3 Aug 21 10 miles via New Army Pass 12,300' & down to Rock Creek at 10,400'
Day 4 Aug 22 11 miles up to Guitar lake at 11,500'
Day 5 Aug 23 5 miles and 3,000' up to the TOP OF MOUNT WHITNEY 14, 496'. 
15 miles total for the day to Crabtree Meadows
Day 6 Aug 24 15 miles total to Long Lake including up and over New Army Pass 12,300'
Day 7 Aug 24 6 miles back to Horseshoe Meadows and the 328 mile drive home.


These daily trip summaries were all written by Dr. Len Glaser from Bristol, Connecticut.

My first look at Mount Whitney, from the Lone Pine Ranger Station, revealed a high, jagged peak with its two, signature, southern spines, shrouded in rain clouds. From there we drove toward Horseshoe Meadows past Movie Rocks; stacks of giant, round boulders; background scenery for many westerns. The 45 minute drive to Horseshoe Meadows entailed a 4000 foot climb affording a wonderful view of the valley below. At Horseshoe, we set up our tents for the first time. Campfires were allowed, and we enjoyed getting to know each other: Yours truly-a doctor of internal medicine; Doug Malewicki-freelance engineer; John Cole-engineer and molecular biologist; Don Edberg-professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Cal Polytech Pomona, and jazz trombonist. Don had fashioned a trumpet from a brass mouthpiece, a piece of clear plastic tubing, and an oil change funnel that he took all the way to the summit.

Fossil Falls - Mini detour to see volcanic remnants just off highway 395

John Cole at view point on the drive from Lone Pine up to Horseshoe Meadows

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