Sunday June 20, 2004
24th Annual Dad's Day Half Marathon run to Laguna Beach

Almost to the finish!

Wow! 1:48:27!

Dad & Daughter


Grandpa Doug Malewicki, now a 65 year old fossil, ran my 24th annual Dad's Day Half Marathon to Laguna Beach the morning of June 20, 2004.  My daughter Michelle, the supreme ultra trail runner, accompanied me for the last 3 miles after earlier running 6 miles of trails up from Aliso Woods and down Stair Step to Laguna Canyon Road.  She was my pacer and encourager to keep me moving fast. 

I have done this same run 60 or 70 times over the years.  This ended up being my 2nd fastest time EVER! 1:48:27.  Only made it under 1:50 four times in all those years.  It is a great route to run as it is a gradual 300 foot altitude gain for the first 6 miles and then a slight downhill all the way to the end. 

My good time this year had a lot to do with Michelle and I running the Shadow of the Giants 33.2 mile trail race on June 5th (near Yosemite - bouncing up and down and up and down between 5,000 feet and 6,500 feet).  ONLY having to run fast for a bit under 2 hours is a piece of cake after going for 7.5 hours on the trails!
My forever long time running buddy, Jim McElroy, now 70 power walked the entire distance.  He had to quit running at least 5 years ago because of neck problems from the bouncing

We all went to a great breakfast at the Pacific Whey Cafe on the Newport Coast.  Afterwards, Karen & I drove Michelle back to the SAME spot on Laguna Canyon Road.  Michelle proceeded to take off running up to the top of that same Stair Step trail, then higher up to Top of the World (900 feet elevation), then back down the Mathis trail and back to her car - probably ANOTHER 7.5 miles total back to Alicia!  I bicycled the rest of the way home and averaged 15.5 mph.  Learned long time ago that cycling is a great way to loosen up the legs after a hard run.  Next morning nowhere near as sore.

Doug and Karen

Dad's Day throne!

Cecily (Jim's daughter), Jim McElroy, Cassandra (Jim's wife) and Karen enjoy breakfast yummies at the Pacific Whey Cafe on Newport Coast.

Cecily, Cassandra, Michelle, Doug and Karen

The old

Not bad for a senior!

Grand daughter Sierra

Lunch at BJ's restaurant in Irvine

Grandpa and Sierra thumb wrestling

Bob Johnson and Doug outside of BJ's

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