Saturday April 17, 2004
Leona Divide 50 mile trail race
(with 9,000 feet of ascents)
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Pre race evening

Bill, Michelle, Sena, Richard & Shawn

Michelle finished her second 50 mile race in 10:47:53

Scott Jurek won first overall in 6:46:19 (8 min 7 sec per mile) Scott is the winner of the Western States 100. He will go for win #5 on June 25.

Edited from the race directors, Don Hughes & Glenda Kimmerly summary.

Thanks to all of you who were a part of the thirteenth annual Leona Divide 50 Mile Run.  This year the volunteers had to endure some extremely cold and wet weather and both the runners and race management are sincerely grateful to them.  Because of you the race continues to be a big success.

Congratulations to overall winner Scott Jurek from Seattle who came within a mere 21 seconds of breaking his own course record, while setting a new age group record by just over 3 minutes.  Scott is only one win away from tying Ben Hian's record of five Leona Divide wins.

Congratulations also go to the women's division winner, Emma Davies, from Danville, Calif., her second win in two starts at Leona Divide.  In addition to being very talented ultra runners, both Emma and Scott are a pleasure and privilege to know.

Of special mention is Gary Miller, 66 years young, who has completed all 13 Leona Divide Runs, and always with a smile.  Congratulations Gary!  We look forward to seeing you again next year.

This year a shorter distance option was added for runners 60 and better.  Donald Caldwell of Pasadena took the gold in the first annual Leona Divide Spring Chicken Sprint.  Kathy Kusner from West Hollywood strolled in for the women's division win.

A week before the race, co-race director Don Hughes was in the hospital with serious heart problems.  Don underwent major heart surgery the day before the race.  As of this writing Don is expected to be home soon to continue his recovery.  We all missed him and wish him a quick and full recovery.

 The tentative date for the year 2005 will be April 16.  Check the website, , and the June issue of UltraRunning Magazine for the Leona Divide results and article.

A picture of the evil course ups and downs can be seen at:

141 started and 125 finished this fun scenic course.

Sierra is going to have fun with Grandpa while Mommy is away at her race.

Michelle, Richard, Doug, Bill & coach Earl Towner

Michelle & Sierra

Sierra gives Mommy a Bye-Bye hug.

Training Buddies
Rich, Sena, Bill and Michelle

Ultra-beauties Michelle & Sena Hoodman 46, 9:29:13.

Rich, Michelle, Sierra, Billygoat & Earl

That's enough pictures Doug. Time to hit the Friday LA traffic!

John Rosmus, age 55 (10:12) boosted me up to the last aid station by sharing some water and E-caps & words of encouragement.

Paul Schmidt, last aid station MD, (& finisher of nearly eighty 100's) decided to run with me to the finish.

Race Director Glenda Kimmerly after the successful 13th running.

Gabor Kozinc finished 23rd in 8:59:25

Festive Bill Ramsey, 50 won an award and finished 27th in 9:09:07.

Leah & Scott Jurek

Clement Choy 56 took a super faceplant a mile from the finish and still beat me 10:39:29!

Relaxing after the finish

Kicking back at the community center

Robert Harris 36 with real blood. 9:28:48.

This shirt says it all.


Kimball Hoff age 47, our f friend from WTRS and SJT50k finished 6th overall in 8:06:06

Richard Greenbauer,36 9:25:23 having a post-race snack.

Gabor's smashed toe.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Gabor Kozinc thinks that pain is the best and worst part about running Ultras.

Gabor's disgustingly dirty tennies ran through 2 hailstorms, rain, wind and cold!

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