Saturday March 27, 2004
San Juan Trail 50k
(31 miles with 7,000 feet of ascents)
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Doug Malewicki's SJT 50k race story:

Yesterday, the day before my 65th birthday I ran my first ULTRA trail run - the San Juan Trail 50K in the Cleveland National Forest.  The 31 miles with some 7,000 feet of ascents took this now official Medicare fossil 8 hours and 25 minutes to complete!  A few pictures attached.  My heart rate monitor told me I burned 10,100 calories!  It also computes my average heart rate for the entire race.  My average pulse rate was 143 which based on one's maximum heart rate using the 220 minus your age formula for the "average 65 year old" person meant I was operating at 92% of my max for that entire time!
Taa Daa! No one OLDER than me beat me!
Actually not that big of a deal because there was only ONE guy older than me - Roger who is already 65.  I beat Roger by 20 minutes! 
Was much hotter out there than I like on long trail runs, so early on I decided to take it easy.  Was originally expecting to complete the race in 7.5 hours - darn.  Also, at about 4 hours into the race, I got stung by a bee (or yellow jacket?) and much later on had to skirt around a rattlesnake (1.75" to 2" diameter!) as fast as I could.  This big honker was coiled and hissing just 2 or 3 feet off the trail! 
Michelle came in 3rd female (only?) in 5 hours and 28 minutes.  In her last 50K race, two weeks ago, at Lake Hodges near Escondido she came in first female  & second OVERALL, which is unheard of for female runners!  Michelle gets lots of respect from all the ULTRA Runners.  She should have been under 5 hours (based on her time for this same race last year and how much she has improved her times over the last year), but got a rock in her shoe early on that she refused to slow down to stop for a minute to remove it.  It was a mistake to be so gung ho.  She ended up running with a 2" diameter awful popped blister by the time the race was over.  She carries a water bottle in each hand and also tripped bad while taking a guzzle in a technical rocky section about 11 miles into the race.  Bloody knee and long scratches along her left leg.  And guess what - later on she got stung by a bee too!  She just ripped out the stinger and kept going, whereas after I got stung, I kept running some 20 minutes until I got to one of the aid stations and got help (& a Band-Aid) to get my stinger removed).  Roger told me he also got stung.  Yikes!
Then there was all the poison oak for some 15 miles along the Chiquita Trail section!   In a couple of days, we'll know if the vinegar wash and rinses after the race removed all those evil oils!  That section of the trail was almost worth the poison oak hassles because of the cool shadiness provided by all the trees!
It was quite an adventure and I feel great for having done it!  Whoo Hooo!
Doug Malewicki

Traditional pre race photo spot

Michelle's giant blister and scraped leg.

3rd place overall award for completing the 31 miles in 5:28:44

Time for the awards and raffle

RD Vicki Davis

Michelle with 1st place Ben Fitzpatrick - age 29 (time 4:34:22)

2nd place Scott Mckenzie - age 49 (4:34:33 - only 11 seconds behind

Shawn McDonald age 38 with Vicki (5:14:20)

Krissy Sybrowsky age 26 1st female (4:53:24)

Michelle, Krissy & 2nd female Ann Langstaff age 42 (5:23:33)

Race Directors Vicki & Randy Davis with Brandon Sybrowsky & Michelle

Earl Towner

Richard Greenbauer age 36 (6:03:42)

Michelle and Dr. Chuck Sohasky age 42 (5:19:40)

Doug arrives after 8 hours plus...

Doug age 65 (minus one day) is elated to finish (8:25:58)

Post race dad and daughter chorus line kick

We did it!

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