Saturday November 22, 2003
Saddleback Mountain Trail Marathon (26.2 miles)
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Rated "The Toughest Marathon In California"
Michelle places 1st overall female
(Dad finishes this insanity too!)
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Our traditional pre-race picture
spot on the drive up to Blue Jay campground - where the all the Winter Trail Running Series Races
start and finish.

7:15 AM

Doug is ready to rock and roll! 

Can't turn around now!

(64 years old, but still not wise enough to ignore his daughter's pleadings to join her in running this "fun" Mountain Marathon!)


A beautiful clear day for a windstorm!

Hi all,
Wow!  I survived and am still alive after doing the "Toughest Marathon in California - The Saddleback Mountain Marathon up in the Cleveland National Forest.  Was really beat that night and went to bed at 8 PM!  The next morning, after a long rest and a couple of mile walk with my wife, Karen, for coffee and bagels was loose and limber again -- but still aware I really used those legs and lungs. 

My daughter Michelle won 1st place overall female in 3:55:10 (her goal was 4 hours) doing this mildly sane 26.2 mile race with at least 5,000 feet of ascents.  This was 32 minutes faster than the 4:27 she did last year on this same course!  She has become quite the elite trail runner over the last year.  The #2 gal was 20 minutes behind Michelle! 

Took me 5:44:34, which was better than the 6 to 6.5 hours I was expecting and I came in 4th place in my age group.  Most importantly, I FINISHED and got the cool finisher's medal!  It was COLD and WINDY, especially along the top ridges.  Had to be more than 30 mph .  Worth it for the view!  Two of us were running along together when we heard a tree somewhere behind us creaking loudly back and forth from the wind and then heard a big snap.  Never saw the tree falling over, however.
I used a heart monitor to pace myself.  My average heart rate was 148 for the entire time.  At my age, the average person's max heart rate is 156 (the 220 minus your age formula), so that is operating at 94% of max capacity for the entire 5 hours and 45 minutes!  I think pushing it caused me some trouble with an "impending" cramp in the back of my right leg that started at mile 15.  A place I never had a cramp in my life!  I massaged it while running or while walking up the steep grades and took it a bit easier all the rest of the way to the finish.  Never fully cramped up on me.  Pushed it again the last couple of blocks to the finish and I could feel the stupid back left leg getting ready to cramp up too as I got the old heart up to 166.  Made it without any cramping - and surprisingly no cramps in the middle of the night while sleeping.  The monitor also has computations that told me I burned 5,530 calories in the process too.

I especially like the picture at the bottom of Fausto Rowlan (young guy - only 43 & I doing the Chorus Line dance kick at the finish line (AFTER we rested for a half hour).  Note how much higher the old fart (me) gets! Hah!  Fausto & I ran together for probably 18 miles out of the 26.2.  Really helps to have someone synched into your own speed. Fausto also took a bunch of great scenic pictures during the run - See page 3.
It was really cold after we finished and cooled down.  Some 15 minutes later I had a double jacket on and was still shivering.  Same for Michelle.

Doug Malewicki

Michelle and Doug each got a classy finisher's medal.
Michelle not only "finished", she was FIRST PLACE FEMALE with an awesome time of 3:55:10, which was 32 minutes faster than her time last year.  In just a year of enthusiastic work and training she has gone from a newbie to an elite trail runner.  Is Dad proud?
They wrote this down for all the other finishers to see.
Vicki Davis with first female Michelle Barton.
Top 3 in each category receive a laser engraved plaque.
Close up of Michelle's award.
Michelle with Dad, Doug, just after he finished in 5:44.  He figures he was going by Aid Station #4 (top of Horse Thief) about the time Michelle finished!
The chorus line at the finish line.

Fausto Rowlan 43
Doug Malewicki 64!

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