Saturday October 11, 2003
The 22nd annual Dick Collins Fire Trail 50 Mile run
Michelle qualifies for the Western States 100 by running this
50 mile long race with 8,000 feet of elevation gain in under 10 hours!

5 AM

Michelle standing in front of her best friend's Corvette at the Lake Chabot Marina in Castro Valley.

Michelle flew the previous evening from Orange County to Oakland to participate in this 50 mile race directed by the amazing Ann Trason. 

Michelle is excited to run her first 50 mile race.

It was a cold morning. Michelle wore her Patagonia windbreaker for the first 15 miles of the race.

Michelle and new Ultra runner friend Paul Akilyama.

They ran together for 32 miles. Paul is an accomplished Ultra Runner. He has run many hundred mile races and even completed The Grand Slam.

How did the dirt taste?

Michelle's "owie".

Right after a runner commented on her fast pace on the downhill switchbacks, she tripped and fell!  (Then couldn't stop laughing.)

Michelle saw two black snakes on the trail.

Michelle finished in 9:41:49 and qualified for the Western States 100.

All finishers received a beautifully etched wine glass.

Ann Trason and Michelle Barton

Ann Trason is the greatest female Ultra Runner in the world. She won first place overall female in the Western States 100.

Ann is the Race Director for the Firetrails 50.  Michelle enjoyed talking with her after the race.

The happy finishers!

Michelle and Paul Akilyama finished together in 9:41:49, They exchanged race stories while pacing out the trail.

Michelle and Mark Bennett, her longtime forensic scientist and guitarist friend from England.

They went to Musician's Institute together in 1993-94.

I did it!

Ann had a great post race BBQ
including delicious veggieburgers!

It's time to brush out this tangled hair!
Any volunteers?
Sorry Brad Pitt,
I wouldn't want to upset Jennifer.

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