Saturday & Sunday September 27 & 28, 2003
The Angeles Crest 100 mile ENDURANCE RUN

Richard Greenbauer and Michelle Barton arriving at 8 PM Chantry aid station located at the 71 mile point of the Angeles Crest 100 mile Ultra endurance mountain run that starts in Wrightwood and finishes in Pasadena and has 24,000 feet of up and 27,000 feet of down!

 Michelle and Rich will each accompany individual racers for through-the-night assistance during the last and most difficult 29 miles of the 100 mile race.

Michelle has never run through the night in the dark and is excited to experience what the unknown will hold.
While waiting for his racer friend, Bill Ramsey to appear, Rich relaxes and prepares for their 11 hour run through the dark Angeles National Forest.
Here is Michelle 10 hours and two flashlights later.

Dave Van Wicklin and pacer Michelle finished at 8:07 AM.  Dave completed the AC 100 mile endurance run in 27 hours and 7 minutes and placed 19th overall.

  Hard to believe that Dave continuously ran through two sunrises.  (His niece Megan paced him for 15 miles and daughter helped for 5 miles.)

Here comes some more Ultra runners to the Pasadena finish.

118 People Started.
Only 64 Finished.

Just 10 runners received Award Buckles for completing the 100 miles in under 24 hours.

Huh?  Is this California's new Governor, muscle man Arnold, showing he is tough enough to do an Ultra distance event?
Runner #39 and pacer arrive at the finish.
Pacer Rich with his Ultra running buddy, Bill Ramsey finished in 28:08 at 9:30 AM and placed 24th overall.

This is Bill's 7th in a row AC 100 finish!  He also did the Vermont 100 six weeks prior.

Michelle and Bill.
Rich wants to be an AC100 finisher. He is visualizing his future success!
Guess who else is also now inspired to train, attempt and finish a 100 miler???

You got it - Michelle "Fast Grrrl!!" Barton!

 Doug Malewicki

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