Saturday September 6, 2003
The 12th annual Malibu BULLDOG 50k (31 miles) run
Michelle places 1st overall female

After a two hour drive from Orange County, Michelle arrives at 4:30 AM(!) in plenty of time for the 6 AM start.

This was a combined 30k (19 mile) and 50k (31 mile) race limited to 275 entrants.  Out of 113 50k runners only 99 finished.

Michelle "Fast Grrrl" Barton loves the downhills.


Striding along.
Pumping up the first long uphill section.
Smiling as she is cresting the top.
Bombing down a slight grade. 

Follow that pony tail!

27th uphill - he we go!

There was a total of 7,000 feet of ascents! 

Over a mile of uphill!

Michelle nears the finish - still feeling strong.

Michelle didn't know she was in first place until the 30k and 50k runners split apart down different routes.  When she passed the next aid station (Gatorade and pretzel refill time!) the volunteers were yelling "Here comes the first female!  Great job!"

Michelle finished the 31 miles in 5:20:15 - 31 minutes ahead of the second place female.

Wow! I won first place in my second 50K ever!

Michelle was 10th OVERALL out of the 99 runners who finished the 50k!

Another runner finishes. 

This turned out to be the hottest day in the 12 year history of he Malibu BULLDOG trail race.

Michelle and friend, Don LeRoy, a former high school cross country coach.

Don has ran many Ultra's and even finished the Leadville 100 miler in Colorado!

Don is ecstatic.


Michelle is consoling her long running distance mentor, Chuck Sohaskey, after beating him by 18 minutes!

From Chuck's EMail "She passed me and just like the road runner cartoons, I was spun around 18 times from the whirlwind!"

Bye Bye until next year!
Michelle with her BULLDOG 50K medal and 1st place award plaque
First place finishers mug. 

Time for a STARBUCK'S soy latte.

Michelle's step-sister, who was vacationing from Cambridge, England and daughter Sierra point to Michelle's BULLDOG T-Shirt.

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