Sunday June 14, 2003
23rd Annual Irvine to Laguna Beach  Father's Day Half Marathon (13.1 miles) Run

The Father's Day tradition goes on!

Doug Malewicki (64) , Michelle Barton (32) & Jim McElroy (70) just after finishing the 23rd annual Father's day Half Marathon (13.1 mile) run from Irvine to Laguna Beach.

 Both Michelle and dad's legs were pretty dead after the previous day's awesome MUD RUN.  Speedy Michelle was nice enough to take it easy & run along with dad.

Doug's time of 2:05:17 was 15 minutes slower than last year - a 9:34 mile per minute average versus last year's 1:49:51 and a 8:23 minute per mile pace.

Doug & Jim say
"Cripes - we have been doing this annually without a miss since 1980.  How many more times  do we have to do it?" 
Doug, Michelle, Jim and Jim's wife Cassandra.
Cassandra and Doug's wife Karen.
Michelle found this brand new NEMO toy on the road at about the 6 mile point.  Michelle, who was taking daughter Sierra to see "Finding Nemo" that afternoon, carried it the rest of the way for her. 
Every time you pushed on the fin it made fish noises for 30 seconds or so.  Fun - but it drove us nuts!

(Note Honda Insight hybrid car  driving by on Laguna Canyon road!)

 Doug Malewicki

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