Saturday June 14, 2003
The World Famous Camp Pendleton Marine Base
10K (6.2 mile) MUD RUN  
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3,500 people ran this crazy, tough event!

Today was a blast!  Finally did the famous Marine MUD RUN after talking about doing it for a few years.  A 10K (6.2 miles) with "obstacles".   3,500 runners signed up.  My awesome daughter, Michelle, placed FIRST out of 188 in her age group and I got 6th out of 15 in my age group. 

Mud covered Michelle
(She's still smiling!  Just climbed out from under the banners - crawling on hands and knees though this last mud pit - on her way to a 1st place in her 30 to 35 age group!)

Mud covered Doug
(No smiles here.  Grimacing, but happy to be near the finish and still AHEAD of all those younger runners!)

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Brightroom Sports Event Photography
Tons of other photos of the MUD RUN can be seen on their web site.

Thanks to Brightroom president, Chris Miller, for the permission to display the above photos and for EMailing me others seen below.

Fun "Obstacles" - in order:
1. Got totally soaked by a couple of guys with fire hoses - just a block after starting;
2. A mile later sloshed through mud pit #1 of 4 (all about 1.5 foot deep, 20 feet wide and 100 feet long);
3. Ran through soft beach sand for a block;
4. Ran along and inside a 6" deep stream bed for over a block;
5. Jumped through a series of tires;
6. Climbed over a hay bale wall;
7. Sloshed through mud pit #2 and up and over a 4 foot tall wall across the middle of the pit; 
8. Ran up a 500 foot hill; 
9. Waded chest deep though Lake O'Neill for about 1.5 blocks;
10. Sloshed through mud pit #3 and over an even higher 5 foot tall wall across the middle (I needed a boost on that one);
11. An immediate 70 foot climb up "Slippery Hill" (they hosed it down and us too);
12. Crawled through about 20 foot of pipe on hands and knees;
13. And the final mud pit #4 with LOW overhead banners.  Meant you had to work your way through the mud on hands and knees! 

Insane fun to say the least!  Next year we will take disposable underwater cameras as many of the runners did to capture the true essence of the event!

We firmly believe the rumors that the Camp Pendleton Marines stationed here do this same run every day before breakfast while carrying 100 pound packs!  Heck of a great bunch of tough, courteous young men.  Revenue generated from the Camp Pendleton MCCS MUD RUN goes back to support quality of life programs for our Marines, Sailors and their families.

 The next day (Sunday June 15th, Michelle and I did my 23rd annual Father's Day Half Marathon
(13.1 miles) from Irvine to Laguna Beach.  Click
HERE to see those photos.

Main entrance sign to the WORLD FAMOUS MUD RUN.

Official welcome sign.

Full course details.

Great T-Shirts!

Are we nuts?

Uri Budnik (white hat) pulled in the parking lot right behind us in his yellow Porsche Boxster with his bud J. D. Buchanan. Instant Porsche friends!

MUD RUN tricks.
Uri let us use his duct tape to make sure our shoes wouldn't get sucked off our feet in the mud pits.

The Duct Tape Dancing Duo!

The MUD PIES Team looks ready for action!

A little more Duct tape can't hurt!

? showing his bike road rash, Jennifer, J. D. ,Uri, Michelle

Race time is approaching. Jackets off and ready to go!

Some of the crowd of 3,500 runners.

Running through the  shallow creek.

Up & over the wall in the center of the mud pit.

The tire obstacle.

Michelle emerging from O'Neill Lake.

(Brightroom photo)

This fellow ran it in a sport coat and slacks.  Notice how deep the lake is.
(Brightroom photo)

Doug emerging.  Looks like he is suffering, BUT he is still ahead of many young runners!! 
(Brightroom photo)

A great view of the final mud pit! 
(Brightroom photo)

Another great shot of "Fast Girl" Michelle! 
(Brightroom photo)

Are we having fun yet?  You bet!   
(Brightroom photo)

What MUD? 
(Brightroom photo)

Looks like a hard core USA Marine heading into the final stretch. 
(Brightroom photo)

The Hawaiian Hula team made it! 
(Brightroom photo)

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 Doug Malewicki

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