Saturday March 29, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series -
San Juan Trail 50K (31.07 miles)  
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(Starting elevation is 3,300 feet.  4,000 feet of total ascents.)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

The Official RND Running Inc web site is:
112 people started this tough 50K event! 91 finished!

ALL these photos are "thumbnails" which load very fast. 
To see any specific photo in larger size, just click on the "thumbnail" of interest.  To save any picture to your own computer, right click on the larger version and then select "Save Picture as..."

Still flying after 22 miles of trail ups and downs!

#674 Duke Bartoo trails Bill Brown by seconds up to the Trabuco Aid station.

#657 Bill Brown


Paige Baker arrives at Trabuco.

Hey Paige, are you in league with the devil?

No way!  Then why did Vicki give you that number? 
Oh No - I'm number 666!

Arthur "Scott" Hewitt (age 40) who never ran a race longer than 8 miles finished the 50K in 6:23:20.




Jeff Robbins (age 51) with running partner Cheryl Zwarkowski.  Jeff did a 6:25:10 for 6th place male 50-59.


Here comes Chrissy Weiss.

Is that a grimace or a smile?

Must be a grimace... Chrissy has a trail runner's "owie"!

Owie, shmowie.. Chrissy just keeps on charging!

Renne Gardner (age 45) did a 6:40:30 to earn 20th in the 40-49 age group.


#658 Oscar Fricke

Steve Lind (age 42) is in second place and already heading down to Blue Jay.  Only 3 miles left!

#655 Bob Africa (age 30) is about a minute behind Steve, which puts him in 3rd overall currently.

A quick drink and off Bob goes.

Bob earned first place in the 30 to 39 age group and placed 4th overall with a time of 4:43:04.

Andrew Thompson (age 27) is in 4th overall as he approaches the Trabuco aid station.

Andrew ended up finishing in 4:43:03, a 9:07 minute per mile pace, to earn 3rd place overall. He beat Bob Africa by 1 second!

#680 Allyson Albert

Allyson (age 39) finished in 6:51:22

Allyson with #610 Dan Dempster (age 56) who finished in 6:53:01.

We would like to put names on all the pictures.  A lot of bib numbers are not readable.  If you recognize yourself or friends, Email  and identify the specific photo by page, row and column.

I borrowed Randy Davis's Sony digital camera again, so many of these 50K shots are HIGH RESOLUTION!  I had to reduce their file size considerably for use on the web site to keep download times reasonable.  When you right click a photo of yourself to save it and see that its identification (the numbers near the end of the URL)  starts with a capital letter "H" (such as H076.jpg) that means it came from a HIGH RESOLUTION original.

If you would like a free copy of any "H" photo in its original giant resolution just EMail me at  I will be happy to EMail the large original version back to you.  Identify simply by its H number (or page, row and column where the thumbnail appears).  Free.  The large files are all around 800 kb and will make nice 8 by 10 size color ink jet prints!

And don't forget that Joe at Instant Gratification Photos took a ton of action photos from the race too.

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