Friday March 28, 2003
Grandpa Doug bikes 64 miles for his 64th birthday

Michelle and Sierra joined Karen & I for a Birthday bagel and a send off from Dana Point Harbor

Sierra preferred an ice cream cone.


Got Milk?

Beautiful Dana Point Harbor.

Guess who took this nicely composed photo?
YES - Sierra age 3!

Getting the bike out of the car and checking it all out.

The ride begins!

Heading South to San Clemente and beyond.

The original plan was to ride from Irvine to Dana Point and meet Karen, Michelle and Sierra for a quick bagel breakfast.  Then bike to the far end of San Clemente and back home (32 miles each way).  It was brutally windy in Irvine that morning and Doug had second thoughts.  Karen & I drove with the bike to Dana Point instead to meet Michelle and Sierra.  It was quite calm in comparison. 

I ended up biking 65.7 miles, but it took 5 hours and 21 minutes - an hour longer than I expected (and trained for) because of heavy cross winds along San Onofre's Pacific Ocean route.  A crummy 13.5 mph average.  That afternoon Karen took me to see the movie "The Pianist", followed by dinner at Muldoon's Irish Pub in Newport Beach.  I had two beers, which I never do, and was still very thirsty late that night!

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