Saturday March 8, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series Relay Race
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(Starting elevation is 3,300 feet.)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

The Official RND Running Inc web site is:
10 teams and 33 people ran the event!

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Another beautiful morning for a run at Blue Jay.  Today each person in the 4 member teams (with one lady runner required per team) would run a 4K loop.

The clever "Baton" made by Vicki Davis for the teams.  You didn't have to carry it in your hand as you ran your 4K loop, just wear it like a bracelet!

Michelle Barton brought her daughter Sierra to see her first Winter Trail event.

Volunteer ?? was kept busy keeping track of all the teams.

Randy & Vicki Davis put on another great event!

Vicki Davis & Michelle Barton.

Sierra helping Vicki set up the RND banquet.

Randy barbequed a never ending flow of perfectly yummy salmon for the hungry runners.


Michelle Barton, runner #3 of Team CRAFF gets ready to take the baton from
Robert Harris. 

Jessica Tranchina, runner #1 AND #3 from team Elite Personal Training gets ready to take the baton from fiancÚ Ben Magilke.

21 minutes later, Jessica, who is now in 1st place, reappears for the final handoff to Ben.

Michelle trails Jessica about one minute for the final baton pass.


"Dr. G." (Dr. Pamela Galambos - age 29) streaks in to finish her segment in 34:25!




Whoa!  Here comes Danny Stein from Team CRAFF - first to the finish line!

Danny Stein made up some serious time on Ben
Magilke.  He started almost a minute behind and came in about a minute ahead.

Lori Fischer cruises in.

That was work!

??, ?? & ?? Coming down the final hill.



Carol Pivonka from Team

Yeah!  I'm done!

Doug Malewicki & Carol

Michelle takes Sierra across the finish line.

MORE BBQ Salmon!

This is soo good.  Hurry with that picture so I can eat it, says Jim Pivonka!

I borrowed Randy Davis's Sony digital camera again, so many of these Relay Race shots are HIGH RESOLUTION!  I had to reduce their file size considerably for use on the web site to keep download times reasonable.  When you right click a photo of yourself to save it and see that its identification (the numbers near the end of the URL)  starts with a capital letter "H" (such as H076.jpg) that means it came from a HIGH RESOLUTION original.

If you would like a free copy of any "H" photo in its original giant resolution just EMail me at  I will be happy to EMail the large original version back to you.  Identify simply by its H number (or page, row and column where the thumbnail appears).  Free.  The large files should make good 8 by 10 size color ink jet prints!

We would like to put names on all the pictures.  A lot of bib numbers are not readable.  If you recognize yourself or friends, Email us and identify the specific photo per above.

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