Saturday February 22, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series Half Marathon (13.1 miles)  
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(Starting elevation is 3,300 feet.  2,700 feet of total ascents.)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

The Official RND Running Inc web site is:
131 people ran the event!

ALL these photos are "thumbnails" which load very fast. 
To see any specific photo in larger size, just click on the "thumbnail" of interest.  To save any picture to your own computer, right click on the larger version and then select "Save Picture as..."

I borrowed Randy Davis's Sony digital camera again, so many of these Half Marathon shots are HIGH RESOLUTION!  I had to reduce their file size considerably for use on the web site to keep download times reasonable.  When you right click a photo of yourself to save it and see that its identification starts with a capital letter "H" (such as H076) that means it came from a HIGH RESOLUTION original.

If you would like a free copy of any "H" photo in its original giant resolution just EMail me at  I will be happy to EMail the large original version back to you.  Identify by page and which photo (row, name and bib number helps).  Free.  The large files should make good 8 by 10 size color ink jet prints!

We would like to put names on all the pictures.  A lot of bib numbers are not readable.  If you recognize yourself or friends, Email us and identify the specific photo per above.

And don't forget that Joe at Instant Gratification Photos took a ton of action photos from the race too.

Super scenery & g
reat crisp cool weather!

This first series of photos of the runners fighting the first long hill was taken....

 from about half way up the fire road to the Trabuco aid station

Leading the pack is Stephan Lind

Oliver Egeler, age 30 is 2nd

Tranchina leads the women

#522 Michael Dudas

#444 Benjamin Magilke

#514 Steve Zagorski age 23

Felicia Bochicchio  2nd woman.

#415 Rick Delanty age 52

#512 Kimball Hoff, age 46

Here comes Michelle Barton (currently in 3rd place)

Hi Dad!

Heading up the hill!

Crissy Weiss leads women over 40

#402 Crissy Weiss

#408 Roy Fussell

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(Note that the page 6 results table for the Half Marathon is a LONG
 download - 60 seconds with a 56k modem!)

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