Saturday February 8, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series 15K (9.321 miles)  
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(Starting elevation is 3,300 feet)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

The Official RND Running Inc web site is:
113 people ran the event!

ALL these photos are "thumbnails" which load very fast. 
To see any specific photo in larger size, just click on the "thumbnail" of interest.  To save any picture to your own computer, right click on the larger version and then select "Save Picture as..."

I borrowed Randy Davis's HIGH RESOLUTION Sony digital camera for many of these 15K shots. I had to reduce their file size considerably for use on the web site to keep download times reasonable. Each of those has been labeled with an "H" to the left of the photo.  If you would like a free copy of yourself or a friend running the trails in its original giant resolution just EMail me at  I will be happy to EMail it back to you. Identify by page and which photo (row, name and bib number helps).  Free.  The large files should make good 8 by 10 size color ink jet prints!

And don't forget that Joe at Instant Gratification Photos took a ton of action photos from the race too.


Leaders of the pack coming down the trail

H Fred Cowles (age 39) is in the lead.  He won the 12K two weeks ago.

Fred did the 12K in 1:02:32 to take first place again. A blazing 6:43 minutes per mile pace that put him one and a half minutes ahead of second place Oliver Egeler.

H #289 Ron McNair (age 48) finished in 1:05:29 for 7th place.
H #253 Matt Simanski (age 33) came in 22nd overall with a time of 1:17:48. 20th in men under 50.
H #277 Dan Vogt (age 36) came in 10th over all in 1:10:44.

Dan was followed by #279 Jeff Wong (age 44) who eventually passed Dan to finish in 1:07:13 for 8th place. A 7:13 minutes per mile pace

H #281 Rebecca Grissom (age 25) is the first female runner.  She was the fastest female of the day with a time of 1:11:08 which is a pace of 7:38 minutes per mile.  She came in 13th overall!  Wow!

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