January 19, 2002
Sierra's Third Birthday - page 2

Guess what?

It is time to bring out the cake and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Princess Sierra!
I love to blow out the candles!
Last picture before it is all gone!
Mommy, can I eat my cake now?
This is almost as good as French Fries!
Michelle and her best buddy Johanna.
Jan, Sierra, Shanna, Michelle and Johanna.
And in just two days (January 21) Michelle will have her 32nd birthday!  She was born at exactly 11:11 AM on 1-21-71 (lots of ones). 

Why wait?  Everyone is here.  Let's celebrate!

Light those candles!
I'm ready!
Whooooossh and they are out!
Jan, Sierra, Shanna and Michelle.
Kelley, Jan, Michelle and Johanna.

Elijah, Sierra, Shanna & Rachael.

As the party wound down all of the kids ran off to play in the adjacent park. Sierra is going down the slide in that fancy Princess dress (Oh No!).  Yes - several times!
Michelle is saying goodbye to princess Audrey and friends.
The healthy runner lady zooms back to start the big cleanup job!

Lots of work AND a lot of fun for Sierra.

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