January 19, 2002
Sierra's Third Birthday - page1

Sierra's Princess Party Invitation.

Hi Grandpa!  This is my Birthday Party!

Sierra with her Princess friends- Audrey, Rachel, Sierra & Rachael
The Princesses! Jessica, Audrey, Rachael, Rachel & Sierra
Sierra wearing the Tiara that Prince Randy & Princess Vicki Davis gave her (along with a magic silver wand, band of honor, a "giant" blue diamond ring and long white gloves).
Time for Piņata smashing!
Jake smashing the piņata
Rachel gets a turn.
Hunter tries his best!
Jack has a powerful swing!
Prince Randy busy working the Piņata!
Sierra's turn!
I love parties!
Randy and Vicki Davis.  Our great friends who own RND Running Inc. They put on the great Winter Trail Running Series in the nearby mountains that Michelle has also come to love.
Of course, some Pin the Tail on the Donkey fun too!
Are you having fun Grandpa?

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