Saturday January 11, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series 8K (4.971 miles)
POST RACE Photos - page 3

The post race trail running crowd gathers for the RND Running Inc goodies.
Enjoying munchies as yet another runner arrives at the finish line.
The goody table: all kinds of snacks, fruit, homemade soup, coffee, tea and other beverages.
RND even supplied a fire bucket and wood to stay warmer. 

Temperature at 3,300 feet was lovely if you were in the direct sunlight and quite cool after some time in full shade.

Time for the Awards.

Randy announced the men's winners in the usual reverse order and..... they apparently all had already left?  So on to the ladies.

Third place female in 56:07 was Michelle Barton (age 31) - 28th overall.

Second place female in 55:26 was Felicia Bochicchio (age 35) - 26th overall.
First place female in 50:02 was earned by Jessica Tranchina (age 25) - 11th overall.  Her time was a full 10% faster than 2nd place Felicia - Wow! 
The top three female runners together. Michelle 3rd, Jessica 1st and Felicia 2nd.
I'm here!  I'm here!

Second place overall was Fred Cowels (age 39) in a time of 43:19.

(Fred said he was making a call on his cell phone back by the car when Randy was announcing the winners!)

Sir Speedy, Jim Wheeler (age 50) earned first place over 50 with a time of 51:33.  He placed 15th overall and beat 100 people younger than him!
San Juan Capistrano was still overcast and gloomy after our drive back down from the sunny hill. After experiencing that beautiful serene scenery on the trails, will anyone ever want to run on the hard pavement amongst traffic again?
Michelle and her 3rd place plaque.
Michelle with daughter Sierra.

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