Saturday January 11, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series 8K (4.971 miles)
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After about a half hour from the start of the race, the lead runners begin to appear.  Only about 1.5 mile to go at this point.

#54 Patrick Green (age 37) is now leading and will finish first overall in 42:38.

#82 Joe Geismer (age 24) will finish 4th overall in 43:59.
#95 Oliver Egeler (age 30) is on his way to a 6th place finish in 45:48
#2 Scott McKenzie (age 47) will earn 7th place in a time of 47:40.
#53 Mike Fillipow (age 42) will finish 8th overall in 49:09 - a minute and a half behind Scott
#112 Jessica Trachina (age 25) is the awesome 1st place woman.  She came in 11th overall in a time of 50:02. 
#91 Jerry Swartz (age 33) came in 13th overall in 51:24.
Jim Wheeler (age 50) earned first place in the men over 50 class with a 51:33 and a 15th place overall.
?  Love the intensity!
#80 Michael Bremser (age 30) came in 20th in 53:34.
#101 Felicia Bochicchio (age 35) earned 2nd place female with a time of 55:26.  She placed 26th overall.
A small pack appears on the way back.  I think I see my daughter Michelle with this group?
Yup - that is her!  All of them are climbing pretty efficiently!
Michelle Barton (age 31).
Michelle tells me she is still feeling great as she passes the camera!!  Ah youth!
#120 Guillermo Hernandez (age 43) placed 36th overall with a time of 57:50.
#12 Cindy Demarco (age 38) is working her way to a 59:24 time, 4th female and 38th overall.
? He is having too much fun just cruising along.  I don't even see any sweat?
Sherri Ellerby (age 38) cruising on in to a 1:00:15 time, 5th female and 42nd overall.
Spectacular background scenery, as ? zooms by with a wave.
?  Another happy runner.
Back down into the trees.
12 year old Tim Olsen right behind dad, Jay as they head for the home stretch.

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