Saturday January 11, 2003
Winter Trail Running Series 8K (4.971 miles)
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(Starting elevation is 3,300 feet)
Photos by Doug Malewicki

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130 people ran the event!

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Note from Doug Malewicki: I have been participating in the Winter Trail Running Series since 1998 (8k, 12K, 15K & half marathons only).  My speedy daughter, Michelle Barton, started doing them last year and loves the trails and the people.  She even did the Saddleback Marathon last November (click HERE to see photos of that event)

I screwed up my knee pretty bad on an Aliso Woods 12 mile trail run with Michelle last Sunday, so spent this morning shooting photos out on the trail instead.  I have always wanted to try and capture the scenic beauty of these wonderful trail run routes in photos.  Heck of a way to get an opportunity to do it.  Anyway, now newbies who have never done a trail run can get an inkling of what it is all about. 

Easy to read bib numbers helped us put names with the photos below. However, many bib numbers aren't visible or readable in the photos.  So please EMail me with your own name or of any friends that you recognize (identify photo by page and row position down the page).  We will be sure to include it within a couple of days. 

Early morning view towards Orange County as we drive up the final twisting road to the event..

Michelle Barton.
The very first bunch of 130 runners appear on the trail (just after the short uphill section on the paved road).

Fred Cowels (age 39) leads Patrick Green (age 37).  Somewhere during the race Patrick passed Fred to finish first in 42:38 (an 8:34minute per mile pace!), while Fred came in second barely a half minute behind in 43:19.

Plenty more behind them.
A continuous stream of people for a good 5 minutes!
Zoom - zoom!
Toby Lane (age 16) has plenty of energy to wave!  Toby came in 32nd overall in 57:20

This a fairly flat, non-rocky  section of the trail before one heads down, down, and down the Chiquita loop trail.

Michelle Barton (age 31). Michelle finished 28th overall and 3rd female in 56:07.
Charlie Bachmann (age 49) with Nicholas Bugajski (age 24) right on his tail.  Charlie finished 55th overall in 1:02:06 while Nicholas finished 66th in 1:05:05


Andy Bisom (age 47) finished 88th overall with a 1:10:01 time.
Lori Fischer (age 40) was first women in the over 40 group with a 1:00:27 time.  She was 43rd overall.
Jay Olson (age 49) in front of his son Tim (the youngest entrant at age 12) came in 58th and 59th in 1:03:32
This is the view to the runners left that they got to enjoy as they entered the above section of the trail.
Charging up a bit of uphill.
Then a bit of easy down.
Some 10 minutes after the racing crowd passed, Jim and Carol Pivonka come up the trail.  They have been Randy and Vicki Davis's super volunteers for some time. 
Carol Pivonka cruising by.  Jim and Carol go out and do their own run after the pack leaves and their volunteer duties have eased off.

They did the course in 1:13:19.

The first law of trail running:  The comfy easy downs are always followed by some up. 
Next, team Pivonka is seen disappearing down, down into the bush!
Way, way down and almost out of sight (my digital camera has a 10 to 1 zoom).

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