South Shore High School Class of 1957

PHOTOS from the May 18, 2002
Saturday morning bus tour to South Shore High School - page 1

Bus #1 - Who can you identify?

Bus #2

Arrival at South Shore High School

Bob Martin, Elaine Papayanis
, Mel Weinberg, Bonnie Bohne (Olson), Rose Berberian, Sharon Seaman (Hoffman)

Has it been that many years?

Entering the Assembly Hall

The crowd (14 recognizable faces here!)

Roberta and Bob Tugenberg, Mel Weinberg

More 1957 classmates!

Color Guard ceremony

Dignitary introductions

Principal Dr. Larry Thomas, Ina My Flink & ?

Scholarship Presentation

Ina May, Bonnie Bohne (Olson), Dr. Thomas & ?

The famous gym showers!
Photos by Allen Rosenston Send us YOUR photos!  


We are looking for more outside building shots,  better inside shots (these were very dark) and more inside tours of our Alma Mater.

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