South Shore High School Class of 1957


1.        Who signed your diploma? 

2.        What are the names of the two principals at South Shore in 1956 & 1957?

3.        What are the name of the public grammar schools in South Shore that fed into the high school?         

4.        What are the names of the 5 movie theaters in South Shore area?

5.        Who was the captain of the 1957-57 South Shore football team?

6.        Name 5 cheerleaders from the 1956-57 years?

7.        Name one alleged "mobster" who lived in South Shore?

8.        What is the name of the beach at 76th street?

9.        What candy shops were in our neighborhood?

10.      Where did the South Shore baseball team practice?  Play home games

11.      What was the name of the priest that attended all or most of our baseball, football, and basketball games?  

12.      (For the Guys) Name 3 gym teachers that you had in 4 years?

13.      (For the Gals) Name 3 gym teachers that you had in 4 years?

14.      What time was AM division? PM division?

15.      Where were the original White Castles located?

16.      In 1957 who was the alderman of the 7th Ward?

17.      What SSHS athlete won more varsity letters than any other player in SSHS history?

18.      What is the significance of the "Overflow"? Where is it?


19.      What SSHS graduate (January, 1958) became president of Chicago Teacher's Union

20.      Who was the valedictorian of our class? Who was second?


21.      What South Shore family has 3 sons serve in the US Congress at the same time?

22.      Who were our class officers?


23.      Name 2 florist shops that were located in South Shore area?

24.      Who was Mayor of Chicago in 1957?

25.      Name 5 brands of TV's in the early 1950's?


26.      What was the name of the one Tea Room and restaurant? Where was it located?

27.      What was the name of the football stadium where SSHS played home games?

28.      Name the 3 top movies of 1957?


29.      Where was the public library located in South Shore?

        30.      Name the ICRR stops in South Shore?

Bonus and tie breaking question:

       What popular restaurant was located at the corner of 79th & South Chicago Avenue?

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