South Shore High School Class of June 1957

45th Reunion - May 17 & 18, 2002


Dottie Gordon Benjamin, (847) 433-8618, Email:
Ina May Flink,
(312) 642-8055

Both are in charge of the general planning and administration of the reunion events. Please contact either with locations of lost classmates, address/phone numbers/email number corrections or additions if we have missed your phone number.

Richard Washer, (847) 564-1982, Email:
Has collected and organized the biography information for the reunion book, taken extensive photos of our old South Side haunts for inclusion in the book, worked closely with the graphic designer in setting up the format for the reunion book and helped set up our Web site. Please contact w/any bios and/or current photos of self that you may have for the reunion book.

Maxine Mazursky Young, (619) 224-2604, Email: 
Volunteered to assemble, design, format, and digitize our reunion book, and be responsible for getting camera ready copy to the printer. She has also made numerous phone calls and Emails to classmates who were not forthcoming with their bios by deadline dates. She is also in charge of creating the name tags for the event. Please contact with any photos you may have of dances, events, gatherings, etc. from our high school days, marking the time, date, place, and people's names on the back of photo.

Douglas Malewicki, (949) 559-7113, Email:
Spent many hours using his computer expertise setting up, creating, designing our Web Site, which he has made sure will stay up and running for the next 2 years.  He will also be available to make changes, inclusions, updates etc. on the site as per any rational classmate suggestions.

Allen Rosenston, (847) 459-6527, Email:
Is the reunion committee treasurer/secretary. He had collected and will continue to collect all the monies sent in by classmates and write the checks for all our expenditures. He has also collected and organized all the data as furnished by classmates in their questionnaires. He will also be the contact person for reunion event reservations, recording all incoming funds and retaining all reservation forms.

Muriel Tarson Strauss, (847) 680-4023, Email:
Has used her considerable energy to find many classmates that either had stale addresses or for whom there was no current information whatsoever. She is a whiz on computerized research and has been a working member of the committee since the first day. Please contact with the locations or known whereabouts of lost classmates, or any clues toward finding them

Robert Kaufman, (847) 297-4255, Email:
Has done the planning and made all the arrangements for our bus trip back to South Shore High School and is actively working on a possible program to be presented by the South Shore students when we visit. He has spent many hours attempting to coordinate the intended class gift to the high school with the school's administration. Please contact with any suggestions for a class gift.

Sharon Seaman Hoffman, (847) 432-5011, Email:
Has been in charge of researching, finding, and hiring a group photographer for class photos, which she ably and energetically did. She is also researching and collecting useful information on facilities and attractions that many classmates may want to take advantage of during or even after the reunion weekend.

Marvin Weintraub, (847) 359-4358, Email:
Who was our class president is planning a short program alongwith Jane Anderson and Bonnie Bohne Olsen (the other class officers) to be presented at the school in conjunction with our class gift to the school. He has done research, made numerous phone calls, and worked with the committee since its inception.

Rodger Bubeck, (312) 787-1340
Has been helpful and energetic in every phase of the planning process. He has taken charge of important tasks including lining up the videographer, signage for Friday & Saturday nights, putting the committee in touch with various essential resources.

Beverly Schlutz Goldstein, (847) 256-0302, Email:
Has been very helpful in working with the Double Tree Hotel catering department for the Friday night get together and with Maggiano's in the meal planning and decorations for the Saturday night dinner.

Donald Creinin, (708) 756-3775, Email:
Very diligently has come to the North suburbs from the far South suburbs to attend the reunion meetings and work on the committee. He has been a great asset in all phases of the planning, and has extended himself considerably in contacting classmates for their Bio responses when they weren't turned in on time.

Thanks to all, Dottie

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Dottie Gordon (Benjamin) Ina May Flink Richard Washer
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