South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 60th Mini-reunion Weekend - San Diego, California

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Thursday September 7, 2017
Lunch at D. Z. Akin's, "New York style Jewish Deli"

Allen Rosenston, Roberta Tugenberg & Maxine Young

Sara & Craig Zaremberg with Fay Flanzer (others present were Denny Flanzer and Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin)

Friday September 8, 2017
Dinner at "A Delight of France" in Escondido

Some of the SSHS57'ers and spouses walking to the restaurant (L-R: Beth Brodkin, Denny Flanzer, Allen Rosenston, Jerry Brodkin and Fay Flanzer)

Denny and Jerry ahead of Allen followed by Karey Rosenston and Karen Malewicki

Clockwise: Doug & Karen Malewicki, Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin, Allen & Karey Rosenston and Fay & Denny Flanzer

Walking Tour of the Friday Night Escondido Car Show

Main Street, Escondido had 4 blocks of cars as did the adjacent side streets.  Each corner also had a loud band.  Country, Rock n' Roll, etc.

Jerry and Allen really liked this white oldie.

One surprise was seeing people getting rides along Main Street on older classic Fire Trucks

We never did find where we could get on one of those free Fire Truck rides.

Lots of "perfect" old cars like this Ford with super detailed pin striping.

Doug & Karen liked this one.  (Karen used to have a 49 Ford Coupe - that she and a couple of her girlfriends back in Breckenridge, Minnesota painted black by hand - using brushes!)

Dr. Jerry really like this 1960 Cadillac! Don't forget - this oldie was built 3 years AFTER we graduated!)

Engineer Doug wants a "Back to the Future" De Lorean that he wants to drive up to the 88 MPH needed to create a temporal displacement (Time Travel).

Once it got dark, a PARADE of classic and modern FIRE ENGINES came down Main Street.  The first in line and oldest was a steam powered water pump version with 3 handsome white horses pulling it.   

WHAT?  Even a genuine TONKA Fire Truck?

Saturday September 9, 2017
Dinner at Lefty's Chicago Pizzaria

10 of us made it to Lefty's (on Goldfinch and Washington in case you ever are in San Diego).

Allen & Karey showing off their South Shore High and Chicago Cubs World Series Champs T-Shirts.

Fay & Denny

The pain-in-the-neck, pesky photographer Doug

There are many fascinating historical Chicago photos on Lefty's walls.
Here is a 1936 photo with Dr. Jerry Brodkin's dad in it.

Better than a De Lorean with Flux Capacitor fusion power! 
Beth Brodkin has her own chauffer - "Bud" (AKA Dr. Jerry Brodkin).  Here Bud  is opening and holding the rear door for Beth.

Did you know that Jerry worked as a licensed, certified CTA bus driver? 

Bud also cleans all the windows, to insure Beth's outside view is always perfect.

Oh-OH!  Not one picture of Karen Malewicki at Lefty's.  She took this and the other group picture.

Karen almost got the entire Lefty's sign in this picture.  Wherefore art thou o' L and E??

Sunday September 10, 2017
A walk in Balboa Park
This morning, as Denny and Fay were driving back home to Palos Verdes and Allen & Karey drove to Phoenix (and 107 degrees F for a couple of days).  Doug and Karen took an early morning walk in Balboa Park prior to catching their Amtrak train back home to Irvine.

When hiking into the park from the South (starting as you walk over the 5 freeway overpass) you begin seeing commercial jets on final approach into San Diego International Airport.  Just a bit over a mile from touchdown and REAL LOW!

Neat contrails from an Alaska Airline jet.

Right above the trees!

Note the moon in the lower left corner as a Southwest plane zooms in.  Full flaps and gear down.

Now we are directly underneath the planes!

Much later - I think this statue is telling Karen we had better hurry up or we'll miss our Amtrak Surfliner home.

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