South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 66th Mini-Reunion - Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside, California

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Sunday December 7, 2014

PHOTOS FROM THE Mini-Reunion at Joe's Crab Shack in Oceanside, CA

Pelican on the Oceanside pier

Different Pelican on the Oceanside pier

A Brutal December day in California


What kind of bird is this?

Hammerhead shark
(note human hand in its' mouth!))

Karen & Doug on the Oceanside Pier

Minnesotan Karen enjoying December

Same for South Chicago Doug!

Oceanside sunset -Time to go to Joe's Crab Shack in the harbor.

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Jerry & his sister Naomi

Karen & Doug Malewicki

Karen & Dr. Jerry

The gang whooping it up!

Doug & Beth (Blurry because Jerry's finger covered half the lens!)

Happy Beth

More Doug & Beth

Jerry, Beth, Karen & Naomi -
Lighthouse in the background

Doug & Karen's private(?) Metrolink railroad car on the trip home on Monday!
Per Wikipedia:  Those are Bombardier BiLevel coaches.  Each weighs 110,000 pounds (55 TONS!) and is 85 feet long.  That works out to be 55,000 lbs of vehicle per passenger for the two of us.  (Don't know if anyone was riding below?)  Thank you fellow taxpayers for subsidizing our 480 horsepower per coach ride back to Irvine!

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"55th Reunion in 2012"   
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