South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 48th Mini-Reunion lunch in Dana Point Harbor, California

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June 25, 2011

PHOTOS FROM THE Mini-Reunion at Harpoon Henry's Restaurant

The 8 attendees for this
mini-reunion lunch at Dana Point Harbor on Saturday June 25th:

Maxine (Young) Mazursky

Roberta Tugenberg

Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Sara (Peal) & Craig Zaremberg

Doug & Karen Malewicki


The ladies at Harpoon Henry's restaurant: Front - Roberta Tugenberg & Maxine Mazursky. Rear - Sara Zaremberg, Karen Malewicki & Beth Brodkin

The boys: Jerry Brodkin, Doug Malewicki & Craig Zaremberg

Welcome to
Harpoon Henry's

Bobbie Tugenberg

Tugie & Sara

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Sara & Craig Zaremberg

Karen & Doug Malewicki

Maxine is definitely enjoying the sun and soft ocean breezes!
Maxine got us reminiscing back to 6th grade by making a Cootie Catcher.
(You are never to OLD for fun!!)

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