South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 54th Mini-Reunion weekend in Chula Vista and Sand Diego, California

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50th Golden Reunion "Plus 4"
January 28-30, 2011
Hosted by Roberta Tugenberg
(honorary class of 1957 alumnus and our former trigonometry teacher!)


     Our first night of this 53rd SSHS class of 1957 reunion (Friday Jan 28th) was an evening and dinner at:
          Casa Guadalahara in Old Town San Diego

The Casa Guadalahara Mariachi band
The 10 attendees for the main
mini-reunion evening on Saturday January 29th:

Our host Roberta Tugenberg

Maxine (Mazursky) Young

Rich & Penny Brown

Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Denny & Fay Flanzer

Doug & Karen Malewicki


Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Karen & Doug Malewicki

Denny & Fay Flanzer

Six of us made this Friday night dinner.

Mariachi band Violinist

There they go again - making us older classmates jealous!

Saturday morning January 29, 2011
Doug & Karen stayed in Oceanside.  They love walking on the beach.

Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Pier off in the distance

It IS getting close to Valentines!

Overlooking Oceanside pier

Doug & Karen

On the walk back.  Another brutal January winter day in Southern California!

Saturday January 30th afternoon
At Tugie's home in Chula Vista for munchies and drinks

The ladies - L-R: Maxine, Bobbie, Fay, Beth, Karen & Penny

The men - Denny, Rich, Doug & Dr. Jerry

Maxine (Young) Mazursky

Rich Brown

fay, Beth & Karen

She dared me to take this picture!!

At 5:30 PM we all drove off for dinner at P F Changs in Otay Mesa

Roberta, Max & Denny

Fay, Rich & Penny

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Karen & Fay

The gang at P F Changs

Afterwards - the gang outside

Back at Tugie's home!  GIANT cactus in her front yard!


Fay & Max

Dessert- a 90% all chocolate cake

Of course, Weight Watchers ice cream!

You probably noticed the patch over dear Bobbie Tugenberg 's right eye.  She woke up one day with weird vision and after an optometrist visit found she had a detached retina problem.  She has to be very careful for it to heal properly.  No bouncing or jogging allowed for a few weeks.

On Sunday morning January 30th, seven of us met at the Hob Nob Hill for a breakfast get together.

Yikes! We have been around longer than this ancient restaurant!

Clockwise - Fay and Denny Flanzer, Maxine, Beth & Jerry Brodkin, Doug & Karen Malewicki

Outside - great food and great prices!
(Lobster omelet was only $10.95!)

Denny & Fay Flanzer

After breakfast, Doug & Karen rode with Denny & Fay to spend a few hours in Balboa park

The commercial jets coming into San Diego's Lindberg Field have a final approach just over the tree tops of Balboa Park.  NEAT!

There was huge TET Lunar New Year Festival going on.  We could hear the drums from 3 blocks away

We also visited the International Center.  Various countries have little homes on display every Sunday. (The hand position means Malewicki is HALF Polish!)

Fay & Doug are each part Hungarian too.  Doing the hand symbol again.

Inside the Hungarian exhibit house.

Next was a tour of the San Diego Air & Space Museum.  This is a full size World War One Fokker tri-plane made famous by ace pilot Baron Manfred Von Richtofen (and, of course, by Snoopy too.)

This is full size weird Gee Bee racer that James Doolittle flew to wins before World War Two started.

Karen flying a helicopter around Balboa Park!

Denny & Doug paid extra to jump into a TIME MACHINE to go back to 1927 and meet Charles Lindbergh.

"Hey Charlie, would you like to check out some great new technology?  Come with me back to 2011 and I'll let you drive my Porsche Boxster!"

Monday January 31, 2010

On Monday morning, Doug & Karen walked a few miles to have breakfast at Ruby's at the end of Oceanside Pier - the longest wooden pier on the West Coast.

Afterwards Karen dropped Doug and his bike off.  Doug then biked 32 miles home from San Clemente to Irvine.

The end of another great SSHS class of 1957 weekend mini reunion!

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