South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 53rd Mini-Reunion weekend in Carmel, California
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50th Golden Reunion "Plus 3"
Sunday October 3, 2010
Breakfast at the Village Corner in Carmel

1. October 1, 2010   - Friday night dinner at Sharon & Jerry's home in Pebble Beach
2. October 2, 2010  - Saturday morning picnic at Point Lobos
3. October 2, 2010  - Saturday dinner at
Massaro & Santos on the Pier, Cannery Row, Monterey
4. October 3, 2010  - Sunday Breakfast at the Village Corner restaurant in Carmel.


13 of us made it to the Sunday morning breakfast at the popular local
Village Corner restaurant before heading our separate ways. 

Beth Brodkin, Fay Flanzer, Karen Malewicki, Carole Malkin, Dennis Flanzer, Roberta Tugenberg, Maxine (Young) Mazursky, Al Telser, Dick  Malkin, Doug Malewicki & Dr. Jerry Brodkin.  Sharon & Jerry are not in the picture.

Dick Malkin, Al Telser (wearing his 45th reunion official SSHS T-Shirt) & Bobbie Tugenberg

Karen & Fay with the "Happy Old Couple" statues.  Karen is holding the heart the Mr. gave the Mrs.

This statue of the "old" people (probably like 62+ dude) is on 6th Avenue - down towards the ocean.  Sharon said more such interesting art is placed here & there in Carmel.

Denny with Karen & Fay on the beach at the end of Ocean Ave.

Just happened to be a sand castle building event just getting started that Sunday morning.

Carmel beach had a lot of activity.  Teams of sand castle builders plus people wanting to see the event.

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