South Shore High School Class of 1957

 SSHS 53rd Mini-Reunion weekend in Carmel, California

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50th Golden Reunion "Plus 3"
October 1 - 3, 2010
Hosted by Sharon (Seaman) & Jerry Hoffman

in the beautiful cities of Pebble Beach, Carmel & Monterey

1. October 1, 2010   - Friday night dinner at Sharon & Jerry's home in Pebble Beach
2. October 2, 2010  - Saturday morning picnic at Point Lobos
3. October 2, 2010  - Saturday dinner at
Massaro & Santos on the Pier, Cannery Row, Monterey
4. October 3, 2010  - Sunday Breakfast at the Village Corner restaurant in Carmel.


Our first night of this 53rd SSHS class of 1957 reunion was an evening and dinner at our hosts Sharon (Seaman) & Jerry Hoffman's home in Pebble Beach.  Much to everyone's surprise, the "light" dinner Sharon had listed turned out to be a fancy catered event!  So how did they end up in Pebble Beach, which is well known as one of the pleasant & scenic locations in all of California? 

A long, long time ago (in the previous century in fact) Jerry was an Army dentist.  He was transferred from Washington, DC to Fort Ord near Monterey in the mid 70's.  They bought this lovely home in Pebble Beach in 1976 and most importantly were smart enough to keep it and rent it out, once Jerry was subsequently transferred to New Jersey in 1979.  In the early 80's Jerry retired from the military & took a job as Associate Dean of the Loyola Dental School in Maywood.  Then some years later he retired for the 2nd time.   Eventually, the Chicago Dental Society talked him out of retirement #2 and he was appointed the Director of Scientific Programs.  He was the guy responsible for The Dental Society's annual convention at Chicago that brought out 32,000 people to McCormick Place.  Did I mention it was always held in February!  Part of his job every year was to seek out & evaluate potential speakers and then sign up 200 for next years Conference.  Jerry would have to fly all over the planet to do that task.  Poor little Sharon was forced against her will (well.. maybe not?) to accompany Jerry to far away places like Paris, France, etc. 

Jerry retired for his third time in 2003 after which he & Sharon moved back out West to Pebble Beach.  They rented a nearby condo while they had their home renovated and upgraded.  It took 9 months to achieve their new millennium desires.  Quite a fascinating trip from being a young teacher at our own South Shore High School to retiring in Pebble Beach.  They should write a book!

17 total attended this 53rd reunion (Missing here is Karen Malewicki who is taking the picture with 1 of the 2 fancy Nikons Al Telser brought from Chicago and Bob Martin's wife Jeanne who did make our Saturday night dinner in Monterey.)

Denny & Fay Flanzer, Carole & Dick  Malkin, with Al Telser (out from Chicago)

Dr. Jerry Brodkin & Bob Martin

Beth Brodkin & Maxine (Young) Mazursky

Bob Martin

Fay and Denny with our Pebble Beach host Jerry Hoffman

Dick Malkin.  Carole Malkiin and our math teacher Roberta Tugenberg chat

Denny Flanzer and Bob Martin in the foreground..

Carole, Doug Malewicki & Dick

Denny & Al

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