South Shore High School Class of 1957

Our 39th Mini Reunion at Giovanni's Ristorante in Woodland Hills, California
Saturday April 10, 2010
(The pictures with gold borders are "thumbnails".  Click on them to see a larger version.
Photos by Allen Rosenston, Sara Zaremberg & Doug Malewicki.)

The 19 attendees

Judy & Barry Krauss
Craig & Sara Zaremberg
Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Roberta Tugenberg
Rich & Penny Brown
Doug & Karen Malewicki
Denny & Fay Flanzer
Jerry & Bobbi Vinet
Dr. Al & Karen Telser

Our famous Trig Teacher, Bobbie Tugenberg, with the effervescent Fay Flanzer

The charming Denny Flanzer

Denny with Judy (Sider) Krauss & husband Barry

Craig & Sara (Peal) Zaremberg

Sara with Tugie

Dr. Jerry & Beth Brodkin

Sara & Judy

Sara with Dr. Rich Snyder

Giovanni waiter Ray fell in love with Tugie!

Rich & Penny Brown

Denny & Rich

Jerry & Bobbi Vinet

Judy with Dr. Rich Snyder - again supplying fine wines!

YES - you saw right!  Rich is a dyed in the wool Cubs fan forever!! 

Rich's insulated wine carrier carried 2 great red's and a magnum of white wine!

Dr. Al & Karen Telser.  Surprise guests from the Chicago area -  They were flying home from a vacation in Mexico and worked out an overnight in Los Angeles, so they could join us.

Sara & Dr. Al

Ahm gonna make you an offer youse can't refuse! Kapeesch?

Dr. Rich & Jacquelyn Snyder

Our gang of 19 took up one  entire wall of the restaurant.
  Giovanni's is rated by Zagat in the top 10 LA Italian restaurants!

Judy (Sider) Krauss is celebrating her birthday on April 15th (TAX day :-()

Judy the happy birthday lady is still wearing a brace from 3 back operations she had in February. 

SSHS class of 1957 classmates and spouses

More SSHS class of 1957 classmates and spouses

Doug Malewicki, "the official mini reunion photographer", forgot to have someone shoot pics of him and wife Karen.

Hopefully, Dr. Al or Sara can email some that they shot. 

In the meantime, the photos to the right will temporarily have to do.

Karen Malewicki 1977

Irvine Lake Mud Run
Saturday April 10, 2010
The morning of this mini geezer Doug was running through the mud with his daughter Michelle Barton, who won 1st place overall female.

There were 689 total in the individual category.  Doug, the oldest mud runner came in 115th, beating 83% of them.

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50th Reunion Co-Chair Contacts:

Al Telser, PhD
1704 Cleveland Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Allen Rosenston
45 Prairie Park Drive, #409
Wheeling, IL 60090
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